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scanrpinteyrocza : I had some people helping me to keep my apartment from eviction. They gave $280 up front to start moving in.

Well, I used some of the initial money to pay for some past due bills. They did not like that because they still had to pay rent and the eviction court fee. Okay, I understand their displeasure with it. They wanted to sell my bedroom set to pay back the money, which I told them was fine, but half of that is not mine; I have a friend who helped pay half of the bedroom set (we were renting-to-own, finished paying it). They told me then that they had made a deal with the apartment manager to pay part of what is owed at that time and the rest with the rent next month. Then for the next couple of days, they kept taking some of my things to sell...they even asked about selling the couches, which I slept on because I gave them the rooms!

The real ordeal started today when I came home and almost everything was gone. I took that as a sign that they did not pay to stop the eviction. They had taken my couches, TV, TV stand, some of my clothes, a lot of my dishes, a printer, and a couple of other little things -- even the shower curtain!

I want to call the police, but they are saying they "already talked to them and an attorney". My question is, is there any reason why I wouldn't be able to press charges? Even though I told them they could sell the bedroom set and give me half, nothing is written down.
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Jonut : I'm visiting my dads in a few days, and I was planning on wrapping up my pack of smokes in a blanket in my suitcase, but they go through a scanner before they get shipped off, and my mom will be there when that happens. And i'm 15 so if they look through it, would I get in trouble? Do they even see everything in the suitcase? If so, can you tell me another way to hide them without getting caught?
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nhedukoc : They will do random searches so most likely yes. If not, they will see a box and think it's a bomb which will lead to an even longer check. I suggest you put those smokes in with a cosmetic bag and surround it with eyeliner cases/packets, toothpaste tube, etc. to cover it up and blend in.
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CobyStoll : yep put them in a cosmetic bag but take them out of the pack and rap them in black paper and write on them like lip liner or something like that in some gold color
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uglg6n : Our daughter has just called from Thailand, where she has been building an orphanage for a few weeks, as part of an organised trip. She is travelling back to the UK in 10 days, and has just realised she has a 15 hour stopover in Mumbai... & has asked if we can book her into a hotel.

She is a British citizen, aged 22, on a British passport. She is travelling with Jet Airways from Bangkok to Mumbai & Mumbai to London Heathrow, so her bags will presumably be checked through.

Looking online, her dilemma looks "impossible". There do not appear to be any hotels transit-side in Mumbai Airport... and she cannot leave transit without a visa. A visa takes a minimum of 14 days & at £125 is a little excessive just to enable her to get a few hours in a hotel. However, I have also read that you cannot stay more than 2-3 hours in transit at an Indian airport.

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arrormaginy : Hi, I am going to the USA in February 2014 from the UK. Our plane is landing at Miami International where we will be staying in a hotel near the Port of Miami for one night. The next day we leave the port of Miami on a cruise to the Grand Cayman Island on the Norwegian Pearl for four days and nights then back to Miami port. We'll have our passports but will we need anything else as someone mentioned we may need a US multiple re entry visa. If we do need one, who do we see about it? Thank you in advance for any help.
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lizatteda : UK citizens do NOT need a visa to enter the U.S. and visit for up to 90 days in a 6 month period. You can enter the U.S., go on a cruise to the Caribbean or a trip to Canada, and re-enter the U.S. with no problem...but your 90 days does not start over when you re-enter. It starts the day you arrive the first time and keeps on counting even if you make "side trips." You DO need to register for ESTA before coming to the U.S. It is NOT a visa, just collects info that they used to collect at the airport. See site below for ESTA info. See 2nd site below and read under "Trips to Canada, Mexico, or nearby Islands." to read about the little trips to Canada, Mexico, or the Caribbean.

"Trips to Canada, Mexico, or nearby Islands
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katimmita : Can you give me the distance in meters/kilometers?
How long does it take to go to by taxi?
How long does it take to go to by train?
How long does it take to go to by bus?
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