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ViettePen : What is the state’s prosecuting attorney in each judicial circuit called?

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kakaoleokd : k so, i have never traveled before on a plane or went out of the province but i am planning on taking a trip from Alberta to Ontario to go see a friend and actually travel. so can somebody tell me what I need and what's going to happen at the airport and such. thanx :)
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squidoooo : Hi,

Myself and my girlfriend are relocating to Rotterdam on the P&O Ferry. We are arriving at the Europort on the 30th of July and will have 2 large suitcases and 2 bicycles. The P&O Shuttle bus can't accommodate the bikes so we are looking for an alternative way to get into central Rotterdam. From what I can see there is not much of a public transport system out there (apart from the P&O bus) and I have been quoted 100 euros for a taxi (which seems expensive for the distance).

I wanted to ask if anyone has any suggestion of how to get to Rotterdam or any recommended taxi companies and if 100 euro's about about right for the journey.

Thank you for your assistance.


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aqfcdnh631 : I don't know any other transportation from Europoort. But these are the official taxi prices in the Netherlands.

Prices taxi-van

Start tariff: €5,75
Price per KM: €2,62

Distance Europoort to Rotterdam Central Station is 34.9 kilometer.

34.9 km x €2,62 + €5,75 = total price €97,19
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Uloyalyday : As you travel with bikes, why not pack and ride off?

The price for a taxi fits with the distance, it is about an hour by the P&O bus and that is with good road conditions and little traffic.

I would contact the people of the fast ferry, which does tours and does stop near the Hull ferry and near the station in Hoek van Holland (Hook of Holland) from where you can take the train onwards.
I am not sure whether the timings work out. Bikes are allowed on that ferry for free, I suppose suitcases are allowed too, but you might need to stay with them wherever they are stored on the ferry rather than being able to sit down.
If you have someone to call from within the Netherlands you can use this number: 0900-500 6010 €0.15 p/m, so not cheap.

Otherwise, contact one of the Rotterdam to the airport taxi services and see what they quote for the transit, likely cheaper than a normal taxi. or might do for you.
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glubalpcrulge : train.
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cvdfmehk : I'll also vouch for the biking option, there are bicycle paths all along the "Nieuwe Waterweg" I would have chosen for the option to cycle to the town of Rozenburg, get the Ferry there to Maassluis, from Maassluis you can decide to take the train to Rotterdam, or cycle further to Vlaardingen, Schiedam, and eventually Rotterdam.

When taking the route to the village of Oostvoorne and go to the Spijkenisse option, don't,it will take you way too long, always aim for Rozenburg-Maassluis

Our local busses won't support the transport of the bikes, so you're limited to subway and trains

Next time, when you're making the same trip, book Stena Line to Hoek van Holland instead of Europoort, there are decent train facilities there.

Long story short, bike as far as you want or can, and take a taxi or train from there!
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Plaidedem : If its possible to carry your luggage on your bike you could first go to the ferry from Pistoolhaven towards Berghaven or to the ferry from Rozenburg towards Maassluis.

A train ticket for a bicycle = € 6 a bike, they only sell day cards for a bike.

ferry from Pistoolhaven towards Berghaven, Hoek van Holland;

From P&O terminal at luxemburgweg to Pistool haven = 8.4 km

Than you can take a 3 minutes walk to the train station Hoek van Holland, Haven
and take a train to Rotterdam Central station.

Ferry Rozenburg - Maassluis

From the P&O terminal towards the ferry at Rozenburg its 12.6 km by bike.

From their you go to the trainstation Maassluis and take the train into Rotterdam central station;

Or you could take the whole route with a bike;

From the terminal towards the centre of Rotterdam its 36.3 km by bike

If its totally impossible to carry your luggage on your bike you could leave your bike at the terminal. Travel with your suitcases to your destination, leave your suitcases their. And go back using public transport. With your bikes you can cycle to one of the ferry's and than take a train.
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Edillcelf : Even if you manage to find out, it won't necessarily help you. Plane fares change constantly on all airlines, and it would be pointless to try to judge by what happened a year ago.
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RCJames : To find good deals, keep in mind that: Different sites have different opportunities, so I think it's a good idea to check them all.
Also search for advance booking, and avoid (if possible) weekends.

And, if you find a good one, always remember to read the fare rules or terms and conditions....
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