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Entimbzit : In California San Joaquin county . My ex has an attorney and I can't afford one.

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Effitswes : I don't know about California but in Canada a father has the same rights as the mother.
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FoodsPrer : Go see some family law attorneys that offer free consultations and ask for free/bono.

Out of all the attorneys you speak your story with, one of them will agree to help you.
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enzypsusy : Same as the mother's rights.

Everyone starts on a blank slate.
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ShoPPerwed : if you can't afford an attorney, you don't have enough money to worry about. unless you have a long rap sheet, everything else is pretty cut and dried.
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Guanoattipt : I take it he has more money, so the odds favor him. :(

Usually, unless you've screwed up majorly, the mother has the edge. Traditionally, the courts have ruled in her favor unless she cannot provide everything the child needs.

The problem is in divorce court. Here, it tends to be an all out fight to the death, with money being what determines the winner. Unless you can show that the father is unfit, they look at money. Even then, it seems to be that money wins the hand and has made a few suggest payments change hands. I have seen more than a few battles get down to P.I.s and massive legal fees to destroy the other person. It's rare, but...

And, in divorces, you can expect anything. There is no lie unheard of against anyone. How the judge can believe some of the stuff he's told, I don't know. Few of the men I know can afford court for this, so they just hope for the best or give up completely.
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sursinkivarah : So I'm traveling from Boston's Logan airport to Bermuda and I was wondering if the wifi that is available on the plane free?
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graiccabs : No.

And on most carriers, Delta included, wifi is generally not available at all, never mind free, for over water portions of flights.
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Emaimiply : NO, it is not! They say its free but you have to pay for sessions like $4 for 30 mins and so on. It sucks I came on the plane happy that Id be able to get online but even though they say its free its not. If you try to get on you come to screen with all the available purchases.
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csyez029 : When we book flights, the airlines give us a "departure" time, but what does that really mean? What has to happen by that time for the airlines to consider the departure as "on time?" Is a departure the moment when the last passenger's ticket gets scanned at the gate, or when the doors to the plane close, or when the jetway is retracted, or when the plane moves an inch away from the gate, or when the plane reaches the runway, or is it the moment the last wheel leaves the asphalt? What are the airlines really promising us will happen at 2:07 pm when they give us that as our departure time?
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