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hahAltessyrar : Yesterday in a right to life conference he blasted Wendy Davis who filibustered a bill an anti-abortion bill, and then he took things personally where he pointed out that she was raised by a single mother and that she herself was a teen mom. What does her personal life have to do with lawmaking?

He should ask himself instead why he is so passionate about every pregnant woman giving birth while he is apathetic to people who get the death penalty. Why does he cherry pick which lives to protect?

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toribhibbleri : Every INNOCENT life matters. There is a big difference between an unborn baby and someone who has committed murder. And it's really sad that you don't get the point that if Wendy's mother had chosen to get an abortion Wendy's very successful life would never have happened.
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AZAdrion : Well lets look at the difference. Someone who has been murdered, often multiple times.

Or a child who has yet to experience the joys of life. Does that answer your question?
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yangxh63o : Good point. When it comes to women’s health, Texas Governor Rick Perry is a Texas-sized threat.

Since becoming Governor of Texas, Rick Perry has consistently promoted policies that eviscerate access to health care for women, no matter the consequences and despite his rhetoric. While Perry claims to “hate cancer,” he recently slashed funding for family planning by 66 percent, cutting off access to health care for nearly 300,000 women, including funding for HPV screenings.

The U.S. state of Texas on Wednesday (yesterday) executed its 500th convict since the death penalty was reinstated in 1976, a record in a country where capital punishment is in decline elsewhere.

Rick Perry holds the record on executions

Rick Perry Destroying Women's Health Care — And Punishing Poor Families — In Texas

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VummaRoorbVag : Sure. To get the death penalty you have earned it, especially if you have taken a life.

Abortion kills the innocent.
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arroraceags : Perry is a Texas sized a$$!!!

I am sick of hearing old conservative men giving opinions on abortion......stupid bastards!!!
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imallyFleeD : Rick Perry is a perpetrator and a fraud.
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RHIFTARRICH : we're talking about texas here. those people just aren't right in the head.

someone took a video of a cop beating the daylights out of an unarmed teenager (think rodney king... the cop went WAY overboard) so how did rick perry handle it?
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Anielavs0 : Rick Perry can say that he believes that every life matters - it does not mean it is true.

Rick Perry can say that he serves the people - it does not mean it is true.

Rick Perry could care less about women and their rights and he certainly does not care if innocent people are murdered in state executions that he could have prevented.

It is a known fact that some aspiring District Attorneys would rather get the conviction of a potentially innocent person than investigate deeper. The more convictions they get, the better it looks for them when they run for a higher office. Does anybody honestly believe that 100% of all convicts are guilty? Is there any room for error?

In a 2010 Project Innocence report, they said that if even 1% of the 2 million convicted criminals were actually innocent, that would represent over 20,000 wrongly incarcerated
inmates and they figure that the stats are higher than 1%.

Rick Perry's attitude is that non of these mistakes could possibly happen in Texas. In 2011, former Texas Governor Mark White made a direct appeal to Rick Perry askng him to delay the scheduled execution of a prisoner who had been denied the right to DNA testing that might have proven his innocence. The prisoner, Hank Skinner, had been charged with and he had been trying for more than a decade to persuade Texas authorities to give him access to blood-stained materials for DNA testing which his lawyers believe could place another man at the scene of the crime. His request was denied. All Former Governor White asked for was a 30 day stay of execution to give the inmate a chance to prove his innocence. Governor Rick Perry did what any heartless slug would do - he upheld the original execution date and sent a potentially innocent man to his death.

In the 500 state execution s since 1976 which have occurred in Texas, Rick Perry has been at the helm for over 230 of them. In various interviews where he was asked if he has ever had any regrets or sleepless nights over any of them, he easily claims that he has never had an issue with any of them (I guess that also includes the potentially innocent Hank Skinner) and then he goes on to tell how wonderful Capital Punishment works in Texas.

It is sad that he believes that we believe him when he claims to respect every life. It is ever sadder that he seems to worship death.
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Aristidas : Only your bag of liquids and laptop have to be taken out of your bag. Everything else can stay in. You're putting it through an x-ray machine. Taking everything out would kind of defeat the purpose.
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