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swojeksnik : Don't go to Church ever, so no and telling the truth is not bashing.

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nztjqvbovxna : I'm a liberal, and Jeantel is a moron.
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Higinhinocumn : You make a lot of assumptions about what we cons are thinking.

Truthfully, those two people hadn't crossed my mind today until I logged on to YA.
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abicerteriuro : I wont make fun of Martin. But if shes the best witness they have, Zimmerman wins easily
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unsuffrot : No,I don't go to church

But thanks for asking
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PanfiliJ : Rachel Jeantel owes every American who watched her testimony an apology for being so stupid.
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AlteddyFedy : How childish of you. You know so little and say so much.

Which makes you a LIAR
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abigeodia : Liberal Socialist Democrats have a delightfully narcissistic habit of assuming that if they're not conscious of a scene, it doesn't exist.
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Tiniimqerfv : I notice you got a few derrogatory replies...I wonder what that says about the quality of character (or lack thereof) for the respondents.

Rachel Jeantel learned English as a third language, and her family spoke Creole in the home during her formative years. The syntax and semantics of Ms. Jeantel's manner of speech were somewhat unique, plus the young teenager (who was also 17 at the time of her friend Trayvon's murder) was deeply traumatized by knowing that she had been the very last person to speak with 17-year-old Trayvon Martin the night he was profiled, stalked, and ultimately murdered by the "weirdass cracker" (unusually behaving bigot) George Zimmerman. The word "cracker" is taken from the "crack" of the slave owner's whip being brought down on a black slave's skin and is interchangeable with the word "bigot" so it does indeed apply to Zimmerman.

Young Rachel Jeantel tried to protect her friend's mother from being further traumatized, which shows compassion and empathy---something the rightwing critics of Ms. Jeantel appear to be lacking. As a former psychology major, I can suggest with some degree of certainly that Rachel feels guilt for telling Trayvon Martin to run---she has internalized this guilt and blames herself that he was killed, maybe because he did try to run. This did not come out during her five hours of testimony, but some of her seeming belligerence towards the bullying of Defense Attorney Woods is a shield she has put up behind which she hides her most vulnerable and sensitive self. My granddaughter did the same thing after her mother died a wrongful death in 2002 even though my granddaughter was only 8 years old at the time and had no part in the causes of a 22-year-old young mother's death other than we were on the east coast dodging a rapist stalker (my grandbaby's dad) and she thought if she hadn't been born maybe her mother would be alive. When my grandbaby was ripped away from me and sent to this rapist-stalker (who ended up incarcerated eventually on other bad behaviors), she internalized her feelings and became rather obsessed with the movie character "Robotcop" (who mostly died but kept a small stream of memory and longing for family). Only when I came back into her life and helped her through this repressed self-blame did she blossom, scoring at genius level on aptitute tests. I think this would also be true for Rachel Jeantel.
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lnwtkmywjzdo : Conservatives own a different version of the bible today. Some say that if you look inside, it reads "Published by the Koch Brothers".
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