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Shietlewappal : I got this e-mail about Obama!!?

Here is what the E-mail said:

"Let's see - He said that Obamacare would cut the deficit, if you like your physician and health plan you can keep them and premiums will go down. There's four lies in one sentence.

Benghazi - Obama knew as it was happening it was a terrorist attack. He blamed a video that less than a dozen people had seen on the 'demonstration that got out of control' for several weeks afterward, even telling the UN that it was a video. He and Hillary made a video apologizing for the video that was show in Pakistan.

Obama stated that his father served in WWII (his father was 9 years old at the time). He said that he was conceived when his parents marched with MLK - not true - Obama was born in 1961 not 1964.

Obama stated that 'the public will have 5 days to read every bill that lands on my desk.' They were to be put online. The Obamacare bill was posted late on a Sunday night and voted on on Tuesday.

Obama claimed the border fence was basically complete when it was the opposite with only 5% completed. Only 4.3 miles of the 32 miles were completed after Obama took office.

But the biggest lie of all was his oath of office taken in 2009 and 2013 - Oath of Office (January 20th, 2009): “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States." That has been shown time and time again to be a lie from refusing to sign the NDAA bill unless it contained the right to detain American citizens for an indefinite period of time without having an attorney nor letting anyone even know where they are - to forcing the Obamacare mandate not only on having to purchase a product to be a citizen but forcing religious organizations to violate their beliefs - to spying on American citizens without a warrant - to refusing to allow our country to go after our own energy sources and relying on foreign countries ... well the list goes on...

I think this covers at least two ....As to being a Muslim - he said that the sweetest sound he has ever heard is the Muslim call to prayer in the evening and then sang it in perfect Arabic. He meets with the Muslim Brotherhood and refuses to have a National Day of Prayer.

He is not 'half *****' - he is half white from his mother's side and on his dad's 1/4 Arabic and 1/4 Kenyan black (unless it is true that his grandmother was Arabic in which case Obama is half white and half Arabic (based on Obama's on telling of his parentage).

All stories prior to his running for President indicated that he was born in Kenya but with his records sealed... but then Obama stated that 'the only people who don't want to disclose the truth are people who have something to hide."

Marxist, socialist, etc. - when you shut down capitalism, go after small businesses, nationalize health care, pick winners and losers in business, try to shut down religion, take our guns, speak out against home schooling, free speech and everything is against the way of life of this country for more than 200 years, what else can you call it? Even the Germans and Russians are warning us against what we are doing because it will lead to a socialist or to the next step, communist country."

Is Barack Obama a Muslim?

Is Barack Obama a Communist?

Is Barack Obama a Socialist?

Is Barack Obama a Marxist?

Is Barack Obama destroying America?

Is Barack Obama mentally ill?

Is Barack Obama an evil man?
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Effitswes : Obviously, a spammer with a political axe to grind has somehow gotten hold of your E-mail address. No more offensive and a good deal less potintially harmful than the unsolicited advertising garbage, bogus sweepstakes, scams, and other annoying clutter that constantly finds its way into our inboxes Pity the poor bozo doesn't have the sense to realize he's hurting his cause more than helping it, but it just serves to demonstrate the truth of the old saw that, "The greatest thing about WINDOWS is that it makes it possible for anyone to operate a computer, but unfortunately that's also the worst thing about it."
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Irrelrylole : So next year with my girlfriend (we are both youngsters on budget trip) we are going to Europe and i was wondering what would be the cheapest way to travel in it, does the train have deals for travelers like a certain amount on countries in a period of days or any bus? or simply Ryan-air is our best option?
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Prongedge : Ryan air have the name to be cheap, but with their choice of airports quite far out of the main cities and all the extras they charge for they are as expensive as the main airlines that bring you in close to the cities.
If you want cheap flights, book early. If you book three months or more before traveling you get prices which are rock bottom, even in summer.

Cheaper is bus/coach travel, again cheapest booked early.
Within countries train travel can be a good deal, specially when you get towards the east of Europe, what used to be the communist countries.

International rail travel can be cheap if you use an InterRail pass to the max, or Eurail if you are not from Europe.
There are so many options with the rail passes, I will give you a link with more information:
This page and the links from there will tell you more than you want to know about rail passes.

I guess you will be best off when you combine early bought flights with early bought rail tickets but you will not have much flexibility.
If you want flexible, a rail pass or a bus pass might do better, but often a flight to start with is as cheap as doing it all in surface travel.
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Loasiarog : The bus is usually the cheapest when there's one available, but there are fewer options for travel times and routes than trains or planes and it can take much longer. Trains are often the most efficient and cost effective way to go especially for short trips like Amsterdam to Brussels: . The link has much more detail about train travel and railpasses then there is room for here. Individual tickets are often, but not always, cheaper than than railpasses. The site will tell you how to determine which is best for your site. There are budget flights available that can be both cheaper and faster than the trains for longer distances at times. Skyscanner is a good site for budget flights in Europe:
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reeksorneycle : Try Eurolines.
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daunkwoorousa : I am 14years old and I will be flying alone from Rotorua to Auckland (New Zealand - Domestic Flight) and from Auckland to Brisbane (Australia - International Flight) and I am a bit nervous as it is my first time flying and I am kinda looking for some help as to what to expect when I arrive in Brisbane. Please Help,
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jihuo1408g61 : If all the same airline reservation, at your age I would assume the airline would walk you to where you needed to be.
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job85469 : Expect to have a good time and see some interesting people.. If you need any help or have questions in the can ask any airport employee, they are very nice. When you reach Brisbane, follow the crowd and go to the baggage pick-up area to get your checked bag and look for whoever is picking you up..they should be in that area.
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DjoMalyshev : I'm 18 and i'll be arriving at Charles De Gualle early in the morning like 1AM-3AM... I'm scared it won't be safe. I have to wait for my flight to the middle east though?
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