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immekGive : I got this rant about Obama!!?

Here is what the Rant said:

"Let's see - He said that Obamacare would cut the deficit, if you like your physician and health plan you can keep them and premiums will go down. There's four lies in one sentence.

Benghazi - Obama knew as it was happening it was a terrorist attack. He blamed a video that less than a dozen people had seen on the 'demonstration that got out of control' for several weeks afterward, even telling the UN that it was a video. He and Hillary made a video apologizing for the video that was show in Pakistan.

Obama stated that his father served in WWII (his father was 9 years old at the time). He said that he was conceived when his parents marched with MLK - not true - Obama was born in 1961 not 1964.

Obama stated that 'the public will have 5 days to read every bill that lands on my desk.' They were to be put online. The Obamacare bill was posted late on a Sunday night and voted on on Tuesday.

Obama claimed the border fence was basically complete when it was the opposite with only 5% completed. Only 4.3 miles of the 32 miles were completed after Obama took office.

But the biggest lie of all was his oath of office taken in 2009 and 2013 - Oath of Office (January 20th, 2009): “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States." That has been shown time and time again to be a lie from refusing to sign the NDAA bill unless it contained the right to detain American citizens for an indefinite period of time without having an attorney nor letting anyone even know where they are - to forcing the Obamacare mandate not only on having to purchase a product to be a citizen but forcing religious organizations to violate their beliefs - to spying on American citizens without a warrant - to refusing to allow our country to go after our own energy sources and relying on foreign countries ... well the list goes on...

I think this covers at least two ....As to being a Muslim - he said that the sweetest sound he has ever heard is the Muslim call to prayer in the evening and then sang it in perfect Arabic. He meets with the Muslim Brotherhood and refuses to have a National Day of Prayer.

He is not 'half *****' - he is half white from his mother's side and on his dad's 1/4 Arabic and 1/4 Kenyan black (unless it is true that his grandmother was Arabic in which case Obama is half white and half Arabic (based on Obama's on telling of his parentage).

All stories prior to his running for President indicated that he was born in Kenya but with his records sealed... but then Obama stated that 'the only people who don't want to disclose the truth are people who have something to hide."

Marxist, socialist, etc. - when you shut down capitalism, go after small businesses, nationalize health care, pick winners and losers in business, try to shut down religion, take our guns, speak out against home schooling, free speech and everything is against the way of life of this country for more than 200 years, what else can you call it? Even the Germans and Russians are warning us against what we are doing because it will lead to a socialist or to the next step, communist country."

Is Barack Obama a Muslim?

Is Barack Obama a Communist?

Is Barack Obama a Socialist?

Is Barack Obama a Marxist?

Is Barack Obama destroying America?

Is Barack Obama mentally ill?

Is Barack Obama an evil man?
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incerpibe : Rants are just that; rants. They are seldom based in anything more than hatred, prejudice and bias. This rant is so full of holes, lies and conspiracies that I will not even bother to dignify them with rebuttal. Instead I will ask this: If Mr. Obama were guilty of ANY of the alleged crimes that were purported, don't you think that he would have been indicted in his first term? Or delegitimized before being elected? If there were any proof, and documentation, he would not have gotten elected the first time, much less twice. Conspiracies and calumny thrive in an environment of ignorance and blind acceptance. Don't believe what anyone says unless you can verify it for yourself.
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ChemeWhibre : YES

Since America is more divide now since it was in 1992, are we looking at another Liberals Media caused riots with looting and forced rape with arson. Additionally we have more freeloaders and give me losers who are too lazy to work like the rest of us for a living. Obama has created a New Blamer Class of Give Me Looters in America.

Castro is also accused of the aggravated murder of a fetus for allegedly forcibly causing an abortion in one of his victims that he is accused of impregnating, a charge that could potentially carry the death penalty.

Jury selection for Castro's Capital Murder Abortion Trial is scheduled to begin on Aug. 5 2013.

ME - Blonde Survivor of the April 1992 Rodney King Riots in Los Angeles. Rodney King won a law suit against he LAPD. Rodney was a Victim of Police Brutality. After all we should let Democrats drive at 100 mph on Heroin while passing School Buses. Since they are not your kids, why should you enroll in Obama Care.

Democrat on Crack Rodney King was found Dead as Tead on the bottom of his dirty swimming pool. Another Riches to Rags Rap Genius. Also known as Going FORWARD.
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Faceblate : get from the airport terminal in frankfurt to the hilton with bags. get from the airport terminal in frankfurt to the hilton with bags
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Mobfabybrirty : take a cab.
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small50v : The Hilton is above the ICE train station which is accessible from terminal One. If you arrive at another terminal, take the sky tram to terminal One. Is that the Hilton you are looking for?
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Jonut : I'm visiting my dads in a few days, and I was planning on wrapping up my pack of smokes in a blanket in my suitcase, but they go through a scanner before they get shipped off, and my mom will be there when that happens. And i'm 15 so if they look through it, would I get in trouble? Do they even see everything in the suitcase? If so, can you tell me another way to hide them without getting caught?
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nhedukoc : They will do random searches so most likely yes. If not, they will see a box and think it's a bomb which will lead to an even longer check. I suggest you put those smokes in with a cosmetic bag and surround it with eyeliner cases/packets, toothpaste tube, etc. to cover it up and blend in.
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CobyStoll : yep put them in a cosmetic bag but take them out of the pack and rap them in black paper and write on them like lip liner or something like that in some gold color
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Miztiessy : You check in on line and when you get to the airport, follow the signs to the Easy Jet bag drop off area. They will put an airport label with bar code on your bag.
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