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Sepecoagree : What did the Attorney-General do wrong?

Suppose that a police officer arrested a person for Personal Protection Order (PPO) Violation but the police later discovered that the PPO expired before the arrest. Police consulted the Attorney General’s Chamber and was directed by the Attorney-General (AG) to take no action against him. This person was not charged and wasn't brought before the Court.

According to the Constitution, any arrested person must be brought before the Court within 48hour and if the arrest is unlawful/unconstitutional, even AG has no power to interfere but have to follow the constitution. AG’s direction helped the police escape the liability of wrongful arrest.

What did the AG do wrong? Is this civil wrong misuse of prosecutorial power or abuse of process? It certainly is not malicious prosecution.
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origneeficigo : You will not find that 48 hour in the constitution. It is in the case law generated by the U.S. Supreme court and applies only where the person is still in custody after 48 hours.
The remedy is to be temporarily released. If the person has already been released from custody, then that remedy is not available.
Nor does the lack of a review preclude a later lawsuit based on the wrongful arrest.
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toribhibblerg : So I'm so nervous about flying on an airplane alone tomorrow and I hate airports. And I am a minor, I'm 17. So do you think my mom will be allowed to accompany to my gate? The last time I flew I was like either 14 or 15 and they allowed her to come with me. And honestly I'm not just saying this, I still look 15 so do you think they will let her? I am already so nervous and I don't want to get lost and lol I just feel like a needy child right now. And it will be so early in the morning, my plane leaves at 5 am. so do you honestly think they will let her come to the gate with me?
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Miztiessy : How old you look is irrelevant. They know how old you are, and 16 is generally the age where you can fly as an adult. I can't see them allowing it.

and it's REALLY hard to get lost in an airport. Gates are very clearly marked. Some larger airports have multiple gates for domestic and international flights, but I assume you can read, so getting lost shouldn't be an issue.
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hervebwb : When I was going to Spain alone I was like 14 . My mom left me in the airport but then she was asked if she wanted to go with me to the gate.So yeah I think she can take you to your gate!
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bumambiffs : Yes. She should ask for a gate pass at the check-in counter.
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liamnigousnum : Generally the age at which you can travel alone without UM service is 15. Your mother can ask for a gate pass but don't count on her getting one. The odds are she won't.
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FoodsPrer : oh oh that means you going at airport at 3am you required be two hours early
you could pay extra for um service that might help
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kakaoleokd : k so, i have never traveled before on a plane or went out of the province but i am planning on taking a trip from Alberta to Ontario to go see a friend and actually travel. so can somebody tell me what I need and what's going to happen at the airport and such. thanx :)
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Pescuectime : Very full answer from Clive. Local bus routes from Victoria that take in the main sites:-
Route 11 going towards Liverpool Street. Westminster/Houses of Parliament, Trafalgar Square,
Strand (For Covent Garden), St Pauls, Bank
Route 38. Hyde Park Corner, Picadilly Circus, Bloomsbury (for the British Museum)
Route 73 Hyde Park Corner, Marble, Arch, Oxford Street
Route 2 Hyde Park Corner, Marble Arch, Baker Street - Gloucester Place for Regents Park and Madam Tussauds
Cash fare on buses £2.40 in coins. Much cheaper to buy an Oyster Card or Travelcard at Victoria Station
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