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gorodezpup : What did the Attorney-General do wrong?

Suppose that a police officer arrested a person for Personal Protection Order (PPO) Violation but the police later discovered that the PPO expired before the arrest. Police consulted the Attorney General’s Chamber and was directed by the Attorney-General (AG) to take no action against him. This person was not charged and wasn’t brought before Court.

According to the Constitution, any arrested person must be brought before the Court within 48hour and if the arrest is unlawful/unconstitutional, even AG has no power to interfere but have to follows the constitution. AG’s direction helped the police escape the liability of wrongful arrest.

What did the AG do wrong? Is this civil wrong misuse of prosecutorial power or abuse of process? It certainly is not malicious prosecution.
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Daudiodia : I just realized I had a metal botton on my shorts. and theres nothing I can do now because im already at the airport! what am I supposed to do!?!?
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oxpahakhua : Most jeans have metal buttons and they don't set of the alarms. Zips often contain metal too. It is not going to be a problem and is very unlikely to set off the metal detector.
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Riveprieweend : It's not a problem it won't set off the metal detector and if it did they will just scan your body with the wand.
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sursinkivarah : So I'm traveling from Boston's Logan airport to Bermuda and I was wondering if the wifi that is available on the plane free?
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graiccabs : No.

And on most carriers, Delta included, wifi is generally not available at all, never mind free, for over water portions of flights.
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Emaimiply : NO, it is not! They say its free but you have to pay for sessions like $4 for 30 mins and so on. It sucks I came on the plane happy that Id be able to get online but even though they say its free its not. If you try to get on you come to screen with all the available purchases.
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abvc2r55 : i can find uk airport parking charges. i can find uk airport parking charges
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bornOwnence : have you tried their Websites?

which airport? there are several

example - here it is on the Heathrow website
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songfeng607 : On their websites of course.
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