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lupins : I was an elementary school teacher and I was recently terminated from my job.

The school secretary (a member at my husband's church) made statements regarding my personal life to two co-workers: another teacher and the principal. It began when the secretary saw me at church with my then boyfriend, now husband. She shared this information with the principal and another teacher at the school. My husband used to do exercise classes with the secretary and the principal, and the secretary and the principal did not know that I was his girlfriend at the time. I asked the secretary to please refrain from sharing my personal life with other people in the workplace.

Following this, I shared with my husband's sister about problems I was experiencing at my school and what I should I do about it. My husband's sister then shared this information with the secretary, who happens to be one of her best friends. The secretary then took this information and told the principal. The principal confronted me and shared how she was upset about me talking about her outside of the workplace. I explained to her that I was not speaking badly about her but I was simply sharing my experiences at the school. Shortly after, the principal put in paperwork to the school board to terminate me. The school board upheld her decision and I lost my teaching job.

During the last few months, I wrote and submitted complaints to school board members expressing my concerns of harassment and bullying, and I am really disappointed that this situation got this far. Can I contact an attorney about filing a lawsuit for defamation of character? And if so, do I have a winning case? I have witness statements from co-workers, family members and documentation proving that I was terminated due to personal reasons and not my teaching abilities. Thank you.
I also wanted to add that the secretary liked my husband for a number of years. My husband never dated her or had a relationship with her.

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Jervedriple : most times the only way you can do a law suit like this is if you were unable to get a new job because of them talking about you..

and do you really want a job back where others are like this??
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Alibabamen : Defamation suits require that you prove that lies were told that hurt you financially. "water"....what lies were told???
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camarok : To reenzz, I'd say that loss of employment meets that standard.

I suggest filing a wrongful termination suit against the school, principal, and board.
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ChetAnned : Ive been hearing a lot of encouraging things such as airplanes are the safest mode of transport and that Im more likely to die on my way to the airport but at the same time anything can happen and Im feeling nervous so how can I be completely sure my plane wont crash? Thats the only thing that can make me feel comfortable right now. Im flying with Spirit Airlines and the plane takes of at 6:38 which means it will start getting dark, that makes me even more nervous, to add on to that, a plane will be taking off just four minutes before that heading to the same destination, doesnt this mean they'll be too close to each other/ what if they collide or something?
Im just very unsure and would like to know, its the only thing that can make me feel safe.
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unondurpidgip : You can't be 100% the plane won't crash. But you can be 100% positive that more people died in car crashes today than have died in plane crashes in the last 3 years. You can be 100% that the airport is totally aware of arrival and departure times and that they are keeping them apart.

You just have to chill out. I mean really. You HAVE to chill out. Getting freaked out serves no purpose other than to make you freaked out. I fly about 6 times a year, and usually multiple flights. I've been doing that for over 20 yeas. I don't like it, but I do it.
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maleagersBiam : First of all we cannot promise you that the plane will not crash. All we can say is that there is a low percentage of that happening. The only things that I know 100% are death and taxes.

Know that Spirit is a very safe airline to fly with. I do not remember reading do any fatal crash by a Spirit Airlines aircraft. Also the control tower will space the airplanes enough to make sure they do not collide. Even though a plane will take-off four minutes before you, they may not be heading in the same direction as your flight. Sooner or later the aircraft will start going their own direction.

Just sit back, relax and enjoy your flight.
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joncooperst : There's a very slim chance that you won't. Stop worrying about crashing, seeing the fact that car accidents are more likely to occur. No, I'm sure that the plane you're on won't hit the other plane. Besides, airplanes are a lot safer nowadays. If you're still not reassured, go to sleep.
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Ìîêëàøèí : there obviously is no way to make sure your plane does not crash.

btw spirit airlines is one of the worst airlines in the usa.
not necessarily for safety reasons but for customer service and nickle and diming you.
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marleroker : I can guarantee you 100% that you won't be in a plane crash if you take the train.
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