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Musfoenue : I am currently 17 and will be 18 in a little less then 9 months. Currently I live in Washington state but my driver license is from Montana and if I do get emancipated I will immediately move back to Montana. So if i petition to be emancipated should i go through Montana or Washington court?

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csyez029 : You are a resident of Washington state so you have to file a petion for emancipation in Washingtom state, it doesnt matter where your drivers license is from, it matters about your legal residency....

You need to hire an attorney to represent you and file the petition for emancipation...
Emancipation is rarely granted to the average teenager with the average job...

Washington 13.64.020
Petition for emancipation
(1) A petition for emancipation shall be signed and verified by the petitioner, and shall include the following information: (a) The full name of the petitioner, the petitioner's birthdate, and the state and county of birth; (b) a certified copy of the petitioner's birth certificate; (c) the name and last known address of the petitioner's parent or parents, guardian, or custodian; (d) the petitioner's present address, and length of residence at that address; (e) a declaration by the petitioner indicating that he or she has the ability to manage his or her financial affairs, including any supporting information; and (f) a declaration by the petitioner indicating that he or she has the ability to manage his or her personal, social, educational, and nonfinancial affairs, including any supporting information.

Also note::::
A declaration of emancipation granted by Washington Superior Court is only valid in the state of Washington and such a declaration can not and does not negate the laws or statutues of any other state.

So if you are granted emancipation and you move to Montana your emancipation is no longer valid since Washington Law can not negate Monatana law.
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Gyncdyecy : So I have 20 metal clips in my hair, I'm going on 2 flights and I want to wear my hair extensions because they make me feel prettier! The metal clips aren't coated with anything, I'm already nervous about flying and now I'm worried about setting the metal detector off! Please help!
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Celeexewpeabe : I'm in Vegas and I was wondering. if its possible to order a ticket, for someone in Oregon. and they get the ticket from there Airport .. is that possible. if not what other ways can I go about it.
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bertiefeleciau : yes you can. They would not get the ticket from the airport - electronic tickets mean that only the confirmation number is needed.
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Abinicambicus : i think it's possible. it happens with me also... when i was in Nepal my brother booked a air ticket from Dubai. and firstly i confirmed my ticket and collect in airport and i went Dubai without any problem
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roopMeewido : Yeah off course.., just got to the airline website and select the travelling date..Enter the information about the traveler in Oregon..You'll get the ticket info by Email..Just forward it to your friend and he/she will be able to check in at the airport. No problems there.

To find cheap business class tickets:
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GokGlarlAbort : i cannot sleep on airplanes. i don't know why so don't ask. i have a DS with a sims game and a pokemon game. i also have a sketch pad. but i get bored with these easily. i also have a couple of good books. again though, i get bored easily. i have my ipod. but, it might die. i will have a few more questions coming soon about the airport.
ummm.. to all of you who answer with the mile high club answer.. i'm 15. so... no. please be serious. this trip is stressing me out. i'm headed to my dad's who is not very nice. so please, give real answers.
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NerabetribBot : It's time to join the mile high club
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Frotkishoto : Play with the ds, draw something. Many airplanes are implemented with headphones and small screens, so you can watch movies and listen to music. I watched the proposal on a plane :-D
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