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wekToogeattam : My apartment complex has a clause in the lease that says that if we are to sue them or if they sue us, we have to pay for their attorneys and legal costs.
That just didn't seem right to me, however, it is an upper class place and the complex is very nice so we don't think there will be any legal problems coming our way soon. I was just curious about the legality of this matter

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IsombDumNub : You pay their attorneys fees when you loose your case in court.
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josede73sk : It's usually legal to put it in and just as legal for you to take it out. If it's not in there, it would be rare for any court to require one party to pay the costs and fees of the other party. Put a line through it, initial it, and send it back.

It is also completely legal for you to agree to binding arbitration, for which nobody can sue anyway. When I first signed up for a Yahoo website hosting contract it contained a binding arbitration clause that would require me to take action in Australia, under the local arbitration rules. I'm in the USA.
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baofu125 : They would have to put those stipulation in their initial complaint or response if they or you sued for any reason. Putting it in a lease agreement means nothing and a judge will throw it out. They are putting it in the lease agreement to scare people into not suing them. That would be my clue not to sign anything with them.

If I were going to sign a lease and there was something about paying their legal fees if I sue, I wouldn't sign the lease and I would notify the state attorney generals office about the unethical practices that apartment complex is using.

Too bad you already signed the lease, better hope that complex isn't riding on the reputation of the surrounding neighborhood.
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camarok : Hi does anyone know if this airport has airlines that fly to manchester UK in october? Thankx
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grearoriure : So basically I have this plastic sword (not even a sword really) thats about the size of 3 inches in length. If you visualize it, it would be described as a plastic sword in its sheathe that cant be taken out(there is no blade). The problem is that under security check/xray, it might look like a weapon since the plastic is designed to resemble a sheathed sword (dull all around; no sharp edges). Do you think that airport security officers will confiscate it just because it resembles something like a sword?
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VRudikon : Are you looking for short term accommodation in Barbados? Then look no further! Introducing "Hopeville Guest House", a NEW one bedroom, one bathroom accommodation located 1 minute drive from the Grantley Adams International Airport. Have a look at the Facebook page below:

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4seoonekenobl : Anything special? Reservations? Is car necessary?
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Sleeryrub : Lots of money is a good place to start. Reservations are always good. Most folks ride scooters vs autos on the islands.
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kukernos : It depends on where you are going, as there are several. If you are going to St. Thomas, I would recommend you get a car, specifically, a Jeep, and even more specifically, from Amalie Car rental. There are mainstream rental companies, but their cars are older, and some of them won't let you take the car to St John. Amalie Cars rents only new jeeps. You have no idea what driving there is like until you've experienced it. It's all steep switchbacks, and a crappy little rental is a scary proposition, and some of the more remote spots have lousy roads, so a Jeep is best all around. Amalie Car isn't cheap, I think I paid $500 plus for a week, but the Jeep was a 2013 with less than 2000 miles on it. I could go anywhere in it. Plus, the quality of service they provided was great, they met me at the curb in the airport, and I dropped it off there also.

You can take a car ferry over to St John for about $50 round trip. On one hand, you can go every where, on the other hand, parking is bad. We spent one day driving all over to the more remote parts, the next day we didn't bring the car, and took the people ferry ($6), and then took a cab to Trunk Bay.

Again, without knowing where you are going it's hard to give advice on reservations. There are a couple of very nice restaurants at St Thomas ("Room with a View" comes to mind). You need reservations there.

If you really want to dig in and ask specific questions, go on There's a forum on there, and local people will answer your questions. We went to St Thomas for a week this past March. I spent a lot of time and VINOW and before we got there, I knew where to buy groceries, sushi, gourmet munchies, which tour operators were good, etc.

Also, be aware that crime is pretty bad at St Thomas, so as with any dangerous place, pay attention to where you are going, leave your valuables laying around, etc. We stayed in a pretty crappy part of town in a nice little inn. We didn't have any problems, but it wasn't the sort of area where I'd go wandering around at night.
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