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torpwelmeo : Just wanna hear some stories of people who have been approved or denied......first how long did it take to get your approval/denial after your biometrics were taken, second were you denied or approved? For those who were denied, what was the reason? My husband had his biometrics taken 4 weeks ago and were anxiously waiting for a letter!

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ExannaMaf : I hope you didn't try to pull this off without a waiver attorney. If there's one time to spend money on an attorney, it's for I-601 (or I-601a) and I-212 cases.
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CobyStoll : My boyfriend is from Bosnia and Herzegovina and he hasnt been home in a year, because he had to stay in the states to work this summer, when he would normally go visit his family back home. He has no family here, they are all back there. And anyway I have been searching high and low for flights there for spring break in 2014, which is in march. And this may sound like a stupid question but keep in mind this is a girl who has traveled up and down the continental US, Mexico, and Canada but other then that I havent been anywhere else. I have checked priceline, orbitz,travelocity, you name it Ive searched connecting flights from other places in europe but cannot find anything! :( We go to school at Mizzou, but I am from San Diego, I have searched so many different airports too, which would be way out of the way, but basically im just struggling and was wondering if anyone with travel experience could help me out here. Thank you
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Prurbadeora : Hi guys,

I am going to UK next month and spend there for 9 days.
Here is a rough itinerary.

Day 1-2 Manchester (or London)
Day 3-6 Edinburgh - Belfast
Day 7-9 London

What is the best choice to travel from Manchester to Edinburgh and Edinburgh back to London.
And what about leaving from London to Edinburgh? Which route is cheaper.

How to go to Belfast from Edinburgh? How long does it take?

Thanks in advance.
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Evarroria : Reasonable prices ..buses and trains..

Its suggesting things like that .. that get you sent to Guantanamo.

*the person/Tory who thumbed this down should have its thumbs amputated with a cleaver.
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ReliplapseVop : Try putting these cities into a travel search site like Expedia. Yes there are coaches from city to city, but London to Edinburgh by National Express is 8 hours 40 at it's shortest time! Flying is much faster, for all routes.
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paasathkaqaas : Manchester to Edinburgh

Bus will always be cheaper......longer journey though

Edinburgh - Belfast ...30 min flight

With those websites you can search and see prices from/to different places........
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Roafjoydayfew : If you are traveling alone it will almost certainly be cheaper to fly than to take the train or even a bus, and a hell of a lot faster too. Book a flight on a weekend, early hours of the morning and it could cost as little as £30 return. Rail fares are insanely expensive.
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soilmvoma : From Manchester Airport or Manchester Piccadilly Station to Edinburgh and Edinburgh to London take the train. Our rail network is dense and frequent and you will see a lot of England and Scotland as you travel. Budget airlines will make extra charges for luggage, checking in and add taxes to their advertised fares, and you will have to pay for travel between city centres and airport and endure long check in times.
Manchester Airport or Manchester Piccadilly to Edinburgh
Edinburgh to London Kings Cross
The cheapest fares are those booked well in advance for specifically timed trains. To collect your tickets from the station you will need the same credit card you used on line and your booking reference numbers.
You can fly from Edinburgh to Belfast but watch out for the extra charges syndrome I mention above
and avoid the airline caled Flybe
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