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wamyenganeumb : Mr. Zimmerman said in previous police testimonies that Mr. Martin saw his gun and reached for it. He once said that Mr. Martin and him struggled for the gun.

If this is true, why are there no fingerprints from Mr. Martin on Mr. Zimmerman's gun?

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RussianTiger : I really appreciate the source you left
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elsebeth9 : Because he was no where near the gun.
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csyez011 : "Reaching for it" would imply that he never actually touched it
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Errommeds : He reached FOR it doesn't mean he got it.
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Coinfunlink : well in this case there are to many important evidences
the court decide to keep out of the case
so for definition Zimmerman's trial is a slapstick comedy
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MegaProfitdade : Excellent point, and one made by the Prosecutor in his opening statement. HLN (Headline News) was showing the testimony of the woman who keeps records of all 911 calls made by Zimmerman over the past six months---something the defense attorney had agreed to until the third such call on other "black males" included lots of obscenities and then the defense decided they wanted the calls stricken from the record as "irrelevant."

The gun was held against Trayvon's chest and fired at point-blank range, according to testimony. Zimmerman has also claimed that Trayvon was the aggressor, so would that not be contradicted by the simple fact that no prints were found on the murder weapon (the handle, the barrel, or the trigger)?

Another thing noticed: Zimmerman seems to have a flat affect, making it very unlikely that he would scream. He curses and shows racial profiling, but otherwise shows little or no emotion. The screams had to be Trayvon, so I hope the Prosecutors can pin that down somehow.
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SPbrain : It's never been stated whether there is or isn't prints on it, and just because you struggle doesn't mean he actually got his hands on it. Stop making stuff up in your head and go buy the facts.
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erodoGagdug : while l am not trying to prove your mistaken in your logic but one can grab the hand, wrist and try to push the gun away from being shot. If Mr. Martin knew martial arts he could easily taken the gun away from anybody but he did not.
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