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reitlelaway : i was under the impression that part of florida was racist. but the judge keeps overrulling the defense attorney and allowing the witnesses to give truthful, non-racist testimonies. I'm completly dumbfounded as I was under the impression that zimmerman's attorneys would easily win having people eagerly set up to lie. with all that money zimmerman was donated he couldn't find a better attorney? at least his wife will remain wealthy while he's spending life in jail.

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AntetaMap : Why did zimmerman cross the road.
To get to the black kid.
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coachoutletolkc : Are you trying to be your typical Liberal who thinks they know everything about places they've never seen in their life or are you just retarded?
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Unrerolor : Zimmerman's lawyer has been shot down at every turn. There was quite a bit of debate about why all of the pretrial motions seemed to be going against him.
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nishop2012 : Poetic justice. He was wrong in doing this one.
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Messcasehax : what witnesses there was no one there except Trayvon and Zimmerman my god so so let's see here, family members of Trayvon who are obviously biased ob yeah that's equating to actual facts okay yeah oh okay yeah
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zimpotencer : Cause they be tryin to railroad him.....
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feadcanny : This usually happens when the Prosecution is up.

Then things look different when the Defense presents its case.
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Stoolalixsal : Florida is filled with dumba$$es. I mean, these are the same people who let Casey Anthony off the hook. That kid Trayvon was a thug. Not saying zimmerman was innocent but that kid wasn't the saint that the media portrayed him to be.
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ArtemQSD : So many Republicans and conservatives and Tea Partiers seem to want to see this case as being 100% about race. You have to wonder if they'd see it differently if it was the black guy who was armed and doing neighborhood watch and the Jewish/White/Hispanic guy walking through the neighborhood minding his own business armed with iced tea and Skittles.

I think what this case really is about is 'Stand Your Ground' laws. From what I've heard so far (and I admit I haven't heard everything) Zimmerman confronted Martin, not vice versa, AFTER Zimmerman spoke to the police and was told not to engage with him. To me, the question is whether Zimmerman would have done this if he hadn't had one hand on a gun in his pocket or holster. Does 'Stand Your Ground' give you the right to confront someone without probable cause?

Stand Your Ground is a very new idea, and it needs to be clarified by the courts. Courts, of course, don't just consider laws themselves, they only consider them in the context of an actual case. So even if the judge believed Zimmerman had a right to shoot a black kid 'cos he was black, there are more important principles in play here.
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