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Evarroria : My manager wasn't sure if he was going to quit yet, but he accidentally left his rough draft of his 2 week notice out. A co-worker found it, & started telling/showing people before he had even decided if he was really going to quit yet.
Is this illegal?
Because he wasn't sure if he was going to quit yet, then once the co-worker started telling people he felt like he had to quit. It wasn't anyone else's business. & she shouldn't have told or showed other employees. Couldn't it be an invasion of privacy, since no one else should have went through his stuff?
It wasn't official yet, & he decided that he was probably going to stay a little bit longer, but once the word got out that "he was quitting" (even though it was still undecided) He pretty much felt forced to quit because he knew people would be mad about it.
Doesn't it break some kind of code or something?
& I'm sure the co-worker also showed other employees without his permission as well.

Sorry I keep adding so much detail, it just really makes me mad!
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pozycjeswe : ??
No. Why would that be illegal?
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Booftoino : No.
The LAW does not prohibit information being seen or passed around in a business. The only place law covers this is attorney/client privilege and hipaa laws about medical information being private.
It was incredibly UNPROFESSIONAL and ignorant. But the law does not prohibit either of those things.
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Dopsgroolla : Hello,
This is probably a really stupid question but I'm traveling out of the country for the first time next month and I was just wondering if security will search through luggage with clothing?

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small50v : Security will check your bag if you have something that looks spacious like a gun knife, weapon. or if the drug dog smells drugs in your bag. When you arrive in a different county customs could also check your bag for the same reason's and if they fell you didn't declare something you brought into the country. If you don't have any spacious items it's not likely they will check your bag. My Husband and I have traveled out of the Country over 20 times and our bags have never been searched.
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Higinhinocumn : The only time I ever had a bag search was when I packed a bunch of video game stuff. They got suspicious with all the wires and electronics. I did get a note in my bag letting me know they searched my bag. They will x-ray your bag first, if nothing shows up then they won't search it.
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trobolcarbope : no they wont do that.
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Accighirlholi : Pretty much random, if you look dodgy you might but if you don't you also might. As long as you're not doing anything illegal you've got nothing to worry about.
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careeradvicejza : Carry On:
Make sure you're not carrying anything dangerous. The only things I put in my carry on are books, my laptop, and Advil (take the small bottle, not the bottles from Costco/Sam's Club).
Before you get to your gate they will scan your bag, make sure you take your laptop out before you send it into the big machine thing.

Check In:
You can usually put in whatever you like as long as its not too suspicious. They might open it if they don't see something they like, but if you are smart about what you pack you'll be fine.

*The TSA have this bad rep for going through unnecessary bags. But this is not really true. Out of the millions of people who travel daily, only a few are taken into questioning or have their bags opened. Pack smart. Only pack essentially or things that may be hard to find in the country you're visiting.
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effigheneed : In the US, they x-ray ALL bags, checked and carry-on.
If they see something that looks suspicious, they will open your bag and look through it.
If they do open it, they leave a note letting you know.
Mine has been opened when I brought a friend a gift of a quart of maple syrup, and when I brought a few pounds of cheese home from Wisconsin (looks the same as C4 explosives on the x-ray).

Customs of all countries reserves the right to open and inspect your bag for any reason, as you enter the country, to make sure you don't have anything they don't allow.

Some countries also look through your bag as you leave the country. When I was leaving Mexico, there were three inspectors, and which one you got was totally random. Guy #1 just unzipped and took a quick peek. Guy #2 picked up a few things and looked around inside. Guy #3 did a very thorough search.
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