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franklynjehoj : My boyfriend and I broke up. We have a 9 month old son. I moved 4 hours away to stay with my mother. Naturally I took my son with me. I never told the father that he couldn't see his son. But the father isn't willing to drive 4 hours to pick him up. So a couple days ago I took our son back to see his dad and let him have him for a couple days. Im supposed to go pick him up Wednesday but now the father said he's getting an attorney and I can't take my son out of town again until visitation rights are established. Can he do that? Would I not be allowed to take my son out of town until this is all settled? We are not married, he is the father and his name is on the birth certificate.

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Loasiarog : If you haven't been to court he has all the same rights as you including not allowing you to take his son.
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corte2012 : Until custody/visitation is established both parents have equal rights to their child. Your ex is within his rights to keep his son from you just as you could keep him away from his father.

Marriage has nothing to do with parental rights.

You need to contact an attorney ASAP to ensure that your rights are protected at the custody/visitation hearing. Otherwise, your ex will get custody and you may have to pay him child support.

Good luck
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DoftTeetterie : I will be going to Tijuana next week but am worries my passport won't come on time. I will be going with my mom who was born in Mexico and my sister (we were born in the US) We would be crossing the the border by car and going to the airport in Tijuana to Mexico City. Could I go with maybe just my passport reciept or birth certificate?
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Lenephego : You need your passport. You cannot leave the country unless you have dual citizenship.
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TopTV : No, the U.S. Officials won't let you through without a validated passport. If you get caught not having one it is a huge fine.
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Affongenice : I am a 14 year old girl and going on vacation soon. I have been on planes for many many years many times and never even had this done or seen it done. I just read this article about a 14 year old girl that was strip searched and not allowed to refuse it because she had a bottle of perfume. I am a Christian and I think strip seaches are wrong. In only going in a 4 hour flight in the United States. Should I be worried and can I deny a strip seach or pat down if I go through the metal detection machine. Thanks.
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YHrobertWG : When the metal detector machine went off for me, they asked if I wanted to be pat-down or put into the machine that detects you. You shouldn't be strip-searched! I've never heard of that! If they did that.. it would be if you were for sure a terrorist.
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Yopemrlde : I have also been on planes "for many many years many times" and "never even had this done or seen it done", so I think you are safe from a strip search.

What you may have done, is if the new scanners flag something they may do a "small" pat down, but by a female (in your case) and may have it done in private.

I have had these and they are very noninvasive/non-scary. I never had anyone ever touch me in a "private" area. The TSA agent will explain ahead of time where she is going to touch. It is by no means a "full frisk".
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Mobfabybrirty : um clearly you either misread the article or it was a bogus article.
anyone can refuse a strip search.
its just that if you refuse to do what they ask you will not be flying.
btw a perfume bottle would not get anyone strip searched.

its quite rare for anyone to be strip searched as most airports in the usa have full body scans now and over the clothes pat downs.

if you get in a line that has a metal detector then you go through it nd as long as you don't make it beep you go on your way.

if you are that terrified just cuz you read an article then i suggest you stop flying places.
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