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FriendAbigail : They gave him 7 years for having sex with a 17 year old prostitute.

In the US, if you try to punish any government official you are labeled as a traitor and a spy for China.
Wtf is wrong with this country.

EXample, David Vitter who had many hookers was welcomed back to the senate with open arms
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nanadokilalo : He will not go to jail. He is a politician.
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JedoLuddy : Did Bush or Obama do that no.
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envivekes : Yea in the US a politician is virtually untouchable by the law, because they help to make the laws. Not to mention their tough business connections. And the American people seem to have a glorious gift of forgetting and not remembering enough
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Uploalemasp : Just as soon as you separate their private life from their political life you might understand. It's up to the public to except or reject his life style. The last guy that was free of sin was put on a cross.
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irriddick : We made it normal with the liberals love affair with Clinton.
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Gyncdyecy : Example: Bill Clinton getting serial BJ's from a White House intern. Ted Kennedy drowning his mistress and getting his brothers, one an Attorney General, to help him cover it up.

Yeah, why don't these folks ever go to jail?
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Affongenice : Many American lawmakers have been convicted and imprisoned. As for the Mafia stooge in Italy, he isn't in jail yet. Watch that decision be overturned by a higher court.
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Kicoblilm : yes we do have a criminal govt and you know what? no one really cares as long as they get theirs.
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anowslawFlave : he didn't go to jail, he was sentenced to jail. we'll all see how it turns out...
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