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Beskeragmasse : Id like to know from someone who has actually filed one, how long did it take you to complete? i feel like my lawyer is stalling.
how u gunna be a top contributer and give a dumb ass answer like that

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Ishigedjei : well, OBVIOUSLY, it takes 4 times longER than a uni-form, and twice as long as a dos, eeyay, and 33 percent longer than triplicate.
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NerabetribBot : I've never flown before and I am planning a flight out of Houston to south Carolina soon and all matching flights have at least one layover. Someone tell me how this works. I don't want to get lost in the air port!
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job85469 : Here's how to do it
1) make sure that your layover time is at least an hour if you have checked bags ; 45 minutes if you don't
2) Make sure that the 3 letter airport code on your checked bags matches the 3 letter airport code of your destination
3 )Make sure that you have boarding passes for both flights
4) After you get comfortable in your seat and have paid strict attention to the safety lecture
look in the seat pocket in front of you and find your airline's in flight magazine .
In the back of the magazine there will be a diagram of all of the airports that your airline flies to
Find your connecting airport
5) Just prior to landing your pilots will usually tell you what gates what connecting flights are leaving from.
So after you've landed and are taxiing to the terminal figure out where your arrival and departure gates are
Sometimes the flight crew doesn't do that in which case you have to find the big Arrivals and Departures board
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sopkolifi : I prefer to have at least 1 1/2 hrs layover between flights because I've come very, very close to missing flights with an hour layover. At JFK and Denver I've been one of the people running madly thru the airport trying to get to our gate in time.
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camarok : Hi does anyone know if this airport has airlines that fly to manchester UK in october? Thankx
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ShoPPerwed : I'm 16 and ill be flying from Chicago to New York! I'm so excited a little bit nervous. But anyways can my mom go through security with me and wait with me untill I board the plane?
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Prurbadeora : She might be able to do that. (You can try going on the website for which airport you are flying from) or can can try to call someone from the airport and just ask them.
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Faceblate : You are flying as an adult. you do NOT need your mama to walk you thru security and down to the gate. There are plenty of signs to follow and people to ask. Many kids do it everyday. Be independent and confident and do it by yourself. It certainly is not worse than finding your way around at high school the first day!
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jajidmeu : No, not if you are sixteen. Younger children or people with handicaps can get help, but you are old enough to do this yourself.
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