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yang1239p : My daughter was adopted in 2001 and i lost my parental rights..i cant get an attorney to answer me..She is being abused in her adoptive home and is 16 years old if she runs away and shows up here..what will happen????? she needs help and i cant get answers anywhere and she needs a safe place to be,what can i do

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mbtskosalg : You lost your parental rights....Seems as though the kid can't get a break anywhere.
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Aredaqueerb : you'd be accused of taking her or kidnapping if u dont report her to authorities. If they catch u with her and u do not report her u may get into trouble
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Ugg53503 : I'm not opposed to any form of transportation, I'd just prefer to be under 50 bucks if possible. thanks
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roritriagma : Take the E train to Sutphin Blvd.-Archer Av and transfer to the AirTrain JFK. The whole trip should be less than $10 per person, the E line is clean and uses new cars, and the E is an express train.
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novaexate : if you have luggage, taxi
if not, you can use E train (Jamaica Center bound) $2.50, get off SUTPHIN BLVD-ARCHER AV/JFK, take an Air train at Jamaica Station ($5.00) and get off your terminal
Total trip time around 1 hr.
you can use trip planner for more details
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CobyStoll : Try going to the JFK website and looking up "ground transportation" and work "backwards" from there. Someone at the desk in your hotel should be able to help you with this, also.
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CobyStoll : My boyfriend is from Bosnia and Herzegovina and he hasnt been home in a year, because he had to stay in the states to work this summer, when he would normally go visit his family back home. He has no family here, they are all back there. And anyway I have been searching high and low for flights there for spring break in 2014, which is in march. And this may sound like a stupid question but keep in mind this is a girl who has traveled up and down the continental US, Mexico, and Canada but other then that I havent been anywhere else. I have checked priceline, orbitz,travelocity, you name it Ive searched connecting flights from other places in europe but cannot find anything! :( We go to school at Mizzou, but I am from San Diego, I have searched so many different airports too, which would be way out of the way, but basically im just struggling and was wondering if anyone with travel experience could help me out here. Thank you
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Tomotooli : i'm only 15 and i'm going to the cedar rapids iowa airport without an adult. just with my 13 year old brother. i'm only worried because we are landing in the denver colorado airport... and we will also leave to come back to the cedar rapids one from denver. supposedly denver's airport is big and scary. how do i navigate? and how do i stay safe? and how the heck do i get through security and know where to go?
i am sorry that i forgot to add this... but they consider me an adult in the airport, so i will not be getting an escort through the airport or during the flight.
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Sidaadmiple : Just ask for directions if you get lost.
When you get to the gate, there will be flight attendants waiting for you and they will accompany you throughout the flight and the waiting. They'll put you on the plane first and you'll be the last out.
Don't you worry about a thing, you'll be fine! :)
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