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jajidmeu : my sister is holding rights of survivorship property. can she hold that until the estate closes. all proper paperwork has been done and filed accordingly. i live in pa. in the meantime she is collecting money and also is selling tangible property. probate papers filed states that i am part owner of all involved.

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securityua : Unclear what you mean. Property deeded as joint tenants with right of survivorship doesn't need to go through probate; the survivors automatically own the remaining interest after one of the joint tenants dies. There ISN'T any paperwork; that's the beauty of it.

If you have a dispute with an executor or administrator of an estate, you may need to get your own attorney to help unravel what it really happening -- before it's too late to undo improper transactions.
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Majuceak : I'm going on a Disney Cruise in December, departing from Port Galveston. However, I am flying into the George Bush Intercontinental Airport the day before and staying in a nearby hotel. I have booked the ground transport shuttle provided by Disney from the airport in Houston to the ship. My question is this: what will happen to my luggage? Will I have it at the hotel and take it to the shuttle with me, or does Disney take it from the airport directly to the ship, even if I'm arriving the night prior to the cruise?
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suodi668 : I've problems with my legs that come and go, last time I was travelling I got stuck behind long queues in LAX and ended up in AGONY barely able to walk, I was housebound for days later...despite it being very obvious I was struggling to even take a step not once did a member of staff ask if I was okay, let alone offer help.

I can take my fold-up cane with me, but I don't have anything like a fold-up chair and nor can I afford to buy one, and it wouldn't be practical when going through airports.

Could I get any help if I needed like using the carts that transport disabled people around the airport, or is there any way to skip queues if you have problems standing for long periods of time?

Does any such support need to be booked when you book your tickets? I'd rather not book anything just in case I'm okay on the day, but if I need help on the day where do I go for help?
I'm also concerned if I get given a wheelchair...what happens? Does someone have to wheel me round? I'm autistic I really don't want to get stuck trying to make small-talk with someone, that would be a FAR bigger concern than mobility problems, but then if left alone I imagine it being really difficult to move around. In a wheelchair where do I go when it comes to security etc?
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koaggezhhfxo : You need to request wheelchair service and do NOT wait to do it. on most airlines, you can do that on the computer as you book your tickets. If you do not see a place to request wheelchair service, CALL them. if you wait til the day, there may be none available. I always use wheelchair service. I walk with a cane and standing in long lines or walking long distances in the airport are very difficult for me. The airline will have a wheelchair waiting for you at the check-in desk...and a member of your party can go ahead and get it if you wait by the door. They will take you everywhere you need to go and have a wheelchair waiting at the arrival airport to meet you as you get off the plane. do not take chances. they offer this service and it makes good sense to use it. they do not question your reasons.
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RewRokskype : You do need to make arrangements ahead of time. You don't need to do it when you book, but sometime a day or two before your flight.

I was on crutches the last time I flew. I called about 24 hours ahead of time and spoke to someone who made arrangements for help for me at all three airports, as I had a layover. I knew I wouldn't need it at the first airport, but she said it was better to make the arrangement and then not need it than to not make it and need it.

At the first airport, it popped up when I checked in, and I was asked if I wanted a wheelchair. It was a small airport and I was okay, and it was no problem to say no. I am SO GLAD I had the arrangement for the second airport (Chicago.) I never would have made my connection and there's no way I could have walked that far. I flew with two other people, and we were all able to ride on the cart. When I finally landed at my destination, they had someone waiting with a wheelchair (smaller airport.)

So definitely call ahead of time. You can always say no if you're okay that day. I also spoke to the gate attendants at each gate and arranged to be able to board first, before anyone else, because I had a hard time getting through the airplane on crutches. This helped immensely.

I was not able to skip any lines at security- I still had to wait in line, standing, which wasn't easy. And each airport was a little different. At one, I had to take off my boot cast, and at the other, was told I didn't have to. I was not able to use my crutches to go through security, either- they offered me a wheelchair and then a cane to use in the body scanner. My crutches had to go through the x-ray machine. At the time, I wasn't allowed to put any weight on my foot without the boot, so this was difficult. I did a lot of hopping.

I don't recommend flying on crutches or just a month after major ankle surgery, but I'm grateful I was able to get so much help.
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MrJasonStar : its better to be safe than sorry.
contact your airline to ask about an airport wheelchair and an airline staff member to help get you through seurcrity and to your gate.

there is no way to skip the security lines.
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JaneDraaf : I know there's a little desk after you get off the airplane that says "items to declare" or something like that but don't you go through security before you get on the airplane? I want to bring some fruit seeds back to America from Taiwan (passion fruit, bala, dragon fruit) are they illegal to bring back?
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arroraceags : My boyfriend wants me to go overseas with him, from the U.S. to Dubai to meet his family. I'm not afraid of flying, but I'm a little paranoid. It's a 16 hour flight. Over large bodies of water. What happens in an emergency if I were to have a heart attack or something? There is no wheres to land. I don't have any health conditions, but it's scary to know I would just be stuck in the air.

I know if true emergencies happen over land, pilots just fly to the nearest airport. But what happens when you're flying overseas?
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ArridoNop : Some people may need to take extra care in considering travel or preparing for travel. If you find yourself in one of these categories, it is important to make sure the doctor advising you knows about your needs.
In an emergency, flight attendents will find the best way to help you beacause of their skills!
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