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zakladykliczko : I am a 15 year old from a suburb outside of Chicago with no drivers license yet. I received a ticket for underage alcohol consumption a few weeks ago when a party was raided and we were trapped in the basement. Me and 15 others. Underage drinking tickets are the most common things in the world in my town, so there's around 50 kids with the same court date and time.
my court date is scheduled for tomorrow and my father is my criminal defense attorney. I blew a .012, which is obviously a considerably low amount. The officer even told me I probably had one drink an hour or so before they showed up. When police arrived, I had no possession of alcohol in my hands.

I believe my ticket is a class B misdemeanor, but this is what I'm wondering.
I heard another kid is doing this.. is it possible to blow such a low amount from consumption of cough syrup or mouthwash, then can someone plead that in court?
how does a conviction effect me receiving my drivers license when I turn 16 January of 2014?
I'm not planning on an ivy league school, but does this effect college for me?
Can charges be dropped because I blew so low, I was polite, cooperative and it's my first offense?
If convicted, does this misdemeanor get erased from my criminal record when I turn 18?
I'm leaving for a week-long habitat for humanity community service trip, coincidentally scheduled before I received my ticket. Since this is a non-for-profit organization, can this count as hours towards my oncoming community service sentence?
What other punishments will I receive besides hours of community service?
Just overall, what's the seriousness of my case? Also, no comments on my poor decision to drink underage. I am well aware and have suffered consequences for my actions.
Thank you!
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MaydayQuizbiz : You cloud say it was cough syrup, but the judges bullshit detectors would go off so fast it's ridiculous. Lets look at this through their eyes: fifteen year old gets caught at a party where other kids are in trouble for underage drinking, he takes a breathalyzer, it shows he's had alcohol. I don't care what you say, their not gonna buy it for a second. And very rarely will they count charity done before court.
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crydayspusync : When you are of age, like 21, you jeuinile record will beexpunged.
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jeneIncizeped : The question explains itself
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profileback498 : It depends. Starting on the Southside it's Cicero, then it juts around Evergreen Park and is Western at that point, then it shoots back out to Cicero at 87th Street. Then north of 65th it juts out to Harlem this is the area where Midway Airport is, after that it's Laramie up to the Stevenson then the tracks just to the east of Cicero up to Roosevelt then west to Austin, it follows Austin up to North Avenue then juts back out to Harlem again, then Wellington to 76th Avenue to Belmont. Then it follows River Road and goes out to O'Hare along Foster Avenue, runs back to River Road and up to Higgins Road to Canfield up to Howard.
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FliesDigGense : Would like to purchase a ticket to florida tomorrow at the airport (that way I don't have to put it on my card) and was wondering how I go about doing so. I wrote down two different flights that are available when I want to fly will they offer the same ones as listed online?
I'm not putting it on my card because I only have a debit card I do not have a credit card. Do travel agencies allow you to pay cash? And I'm not a terrorist I'm just trying to go without my parents finding out.
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PerGriple : If you go to the airlines, be prepared to pay through the roof. Don't expect to pay the online fairs. I would suggest going to travel agency in your airport if the have one. They often have "last minute" deals.

Having said that, I am not sure if either is set up to take cash. Do you have a check card, that might be the way to go.
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trelfHexrurry : Paying cash at the counter...great way to get profiled as a terrorist. Put on your card, cheapskate.
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preadledema : You can use a debit card online to pay for your flight, I just bought my flight the other day with my debit card. A big % of people pay with their debit cards. If you want to pay cash at the airport it will be more expensive and you may not get a seat because they might have sold out the number of seats on that flight.
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poequeexpep : What is the exchange rate philippine peso to korean dollar
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