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colemiliClipsp : My mom died On the 6/13/2013 because of lung cancer It started near her thigh as a small lump it took 3 months and several doctor visits for him to diagnose it as cancer The first visit the doc said It was a cyst and gave some meds the second time same thing 3 same 4 My mom asked if it was cancer the doctor said no and WITHOUT doing a biopsy said he was going to drain it to settle my moms worry And before he opened it it stayed the same size but once he opened it He referred my mom to UCLA medical center and in three weeks it grew 3x the size and She was officially diagnosed with cancer She was treated with chemo and radiation but it was to late it had spreed to lungs breast and other places This is 2 years later Many times my mom said she wished she would have asked for a biopsy She could be here with me and my family much of my family has suffered she left behind 2 kids age 15 and 3 and a loving husband lots of medical bills and funeral costs There is more to the story but I tried to shorten it and Advise I live in CA by the way different laws What time period can you file a wrongful death suit we are not looking for 100000$ just something to help cover the medical expenses and help with other bills
What could I possibly get from making a fake post here? I am looking for advise what type of attorney Any recommendations on attorneys Stuff like that

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oem software buy : Contact an attorney. Your post is an obvious hoax, and it has been reported.
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srfecti644 : Don't worry about the 1st reponse... if you look, that is the answer that person gives to every post they reply to.

What you would need is a medical malpractice attorney. The phone book should have about a hundred of them. Some may offer a free consultation to discuss the merits of any case you may have.

Contact a few, tell them your story, and see what they say. That's all you can do.
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EpildKitillek : travel by public transport from stanstead airport to newbury, west berks. travel by public transport from stanstead airport to newbury, west berks
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Plaidedem : Quickest way is train from Stansted Airport to Tottenham Hale, Tube to Paddington and then train to Newbury. Will take about 2 hours altogether
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enurmouse : In addition to the train (the Stansted Express in to Liverpool Street, then the Circle or Metropolitan line to Paddington, then a train to Newbury migth be the easiest route) you can take a National Express Coach. However, as there is no direct link between Stansted and Newbury, you would need to take a coach from Stansted to Heathrow, then another from Heathrow to Newbury. According to the National Express website this takes 3 hours 20 minutes and costs around £25 single.
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Enginisseve : Stansted Express train from Stansted to London Liverpool Street. Then Underground Hammersmith & City Line to Paddington Station. Then First Great Western train to Newbury. All these services are frequent. You can buy a through ticket from Stansted to Newbury to include all 3 segments of the journey which will take 2 hours 30 minutes including changes
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Dopsgroolla : Hello,
This is probably a really stupid question but I'm traveling out of the country for the first time next month and I was just wondering if security will search through luggage with clothing?

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careeradvicejza : Carry On:
Make sure you're not carrying anything dangerous. The only things I put in my carry on are books, my laptop, and Advil (take the small bottle, not the bottles from Costco/Sam's Club).
Before you get to your gate they will scan your bag, make sure you take your laptop out before you send it into the big machine thing.

Check In:
You can usually put in whatever you like as long as its not too suspicious. They might open it if they don't see something they like, but if you are smart about what you pack you'll be fine.

*The TSA have this bad rep for going through unnecessary bags. But this is not really true. Out of the millions of people who travel daily, only a few are taken into questioning or have their bags opened. Pack smart. Only pack essentially or things that may be hard to find in the country you're visiting.
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effigheneed : In the US, they x-ray ALL bags, checked and carry-on.
If they see something that looks suspicious, they will open your bag and look through it.
If they do open it, they leave a note letting you know.
Mine has been opened when I brought a friend a gift of a quart of maple syrup, and when I brought a few pounds of cheese home from Wisconsin (looks the same as C4 explosives on the x-ray).

Customs of all countries reserves the right to open and inspect your bag for any reason, as you enter the country, to make sure you don't have anything they don't allow.

Some countries also look through your bag as you leave the country. When I was leaving Mexico, there were three inspectors, and which one you got was totally random. Guy #1 just unzipped and took a quick peek. Guy #2 picked up a few things and looked around inside. Guy #3 did a very thorough search.
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