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GokGlarlAbort : Does any one know this..?

Does a Defendant have the right to Object to his own attorney in anyway....?

I mean about the Unbelievably stupid knock knock joke he thought was so hy-larry-us the other day..?
When I saw that I was livid. I have never seen a defense lawyer say anything even remotely close to that pile of cow dung that came pouring out of his "PIEHOLE" the judge should have stopped all statements from this moron, and declared a mistrial immediately.

If I were George I would have demanded it.
that joke sealed his fait one way or the other. He Just Profiled the jury, almost implying they were Stupid.

he is either going to be convicted or acquitted on that NON - sense-icle, unbelievably stupid comment alone.
They should have tarred, & feathered the guy then set him ablaze and run outta town like a common pigmy.
Are they going to waist the next three weeks and millions of dollars going through a kind of Jodi Arias Super duper Mega Colossal Solarsyzmic, Event Extracting Time warp..?
And take us back to that b/s...?
As Good ol'e Jody said once.

"You mark my words" When this is finished, who ever looses is going to use THAT JOKE to ask for a new trial and acquittal or retrial.

I think they should stop it now and make those idiot's go back to their slide rule and compass and told not to come back until they get it right.
also if I were ANY of this morons clients who lost a case with him...? I would ask for a retrial of my case.
because this Grown Man , This Fool is quite Honestly NOT fit to handle A J- Walking case let alone a murder case.
This idiot will retire after this. No one will ever have him again knowing what he pulled.
How could he Possibly think that that was appropriate for a murder case, or any case in a court of law period.?

Now i'm going to go HURL myself into on-coming traffic.

Please: NO- offence to Travon Martin or G / Z Or their families intended.
WOW Thomas P, Your a virtual Eisenstein,
You totally answered every aspect of that question. Your A- fn Genius. sure wish I thought of that.
What a massive BOATLOAD of judicial information you just gave me. hold on one second please.
just let me sit here and soak it all in........ aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh (deep breath)
Wow T/P ima have a axident. that was a Cornucopia, an absolute WEALTH of Information. I feel like I have a new online friendship a man with the universe but by a simple click of a mouse. a whole Host of opportunities I can utilize to expand my BRAIN.
Wait....: Wait.....:
NO.. Don't tell me.
ummm your a D-FENCE attorney right..?
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depNetSaidava : If, the defendant is dissatisfied he cn opt of a change of counsel. Most juries are somewhat more influenced by the evidence than remarks from an attorney.
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SwonMentsMece : GZ is a sacrificial lamb to satisfy the blood lusts of political correctness and "social" justice.

It reminds me of the book "to kill a mockingbird", in that because of racial differences a man will be found guilty, regardless of truth.
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Aripooh0013 : You can fire your lawyer at any point. In some instances, people have tried to get mistrials based on the lawyer incomptency.

However, firing a private lawyer is sometimes more costly than it is to keep them considering you still have to pay for the time put into the case, and THEN pay for a new person.
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liamnigousnum : It worry,s me that GZ MIGHT well have a case for saying his lawyer was a moron and did not do the best he could have done.............

But seriously wtf was the lawyer thinking, this is hardly the time to even THINK about making jokes lame or not.
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fertonsothe : I will be in Chicago airport via Turkish Airlines, I guess I will get down at terminal 5 and then go to Michigan through terminal 3 by American Airlines, can any one tell me the procedures in the airport for international travelers, and whether I will receive my bag at terminal 5 then head to terminal 3 via Airport transit system, and is the custom is in terminal 5 or 3, I guess it is a silly question but i am freaked out from what I have read in the internet , HELPPP ...
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islightina : US Customs is located in Terminal 5. You will be questioned and your personal property may be searched. You will wait your turn in line after receiving your luggage.

After passing customs walk with luggage to the ATS to take the robotic train to Terminal 3. If you have bags to be checked you can take them to the ticket counter or faster to the red cap agent outside in the area where car and taxi passengers are dropped off. The red cap will check your bag, tell you the gate number, and if the plane is on time. There is a fee for his services and a tip is almost expected. If you decide to check the luggage inside there is no fee.

You will have to pass through Terminal 3 security lines before nearing the gates. There are restaurants, shops, and services on the concourse to the gates.

Your airline carrier from Turkey may have arrangements for baggage transfer but that would be after you take it through customs. Ask the flight attendant about it while you're on the plane. That person will know or easily find out the answer.
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Allonapyboalm : Anything that is going to be placed into luggage and subsequently placed in the cargo hold off the plane, can be almost anything, including shampoos and hair products. The only restriction is that those products cannot enter the cabin of the plane, therefore you may not carry them onto the plane. Once you get to the security check point, they will check you and any bags that you may have with you and anything that does not conform to the guidelines will be removed and thrown away. After you clear security, you go to your designated gate and wait to board your aircraft. Good luck and safe travels.
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Jailapastoge : CAN'T-

Sharp Objects
Sporting Goods
Guns & Firearms
Martial Arts & Self Defense Items
Explosive & Flammable Materials, Disabling Chemicals

You should be fine, if they're not going to throw you out of the airport if you bring something on you're not supposed to.
Also, you can pack just about anything, (Guns, Knives, etc) as long as you don't bring it on the plane as a carry on. If you Check, your bag in at the front desk they'll put your bag under the plane is some compartment with everyone elses bags.
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irinapefraumenas : Your brother is absolutely wrong... all the things you just listed are allowed.
You aren't allowed to take liquids on the plane however, neither are you allowed to take a gun, knife,bombs, or any weapons that can harm passengers or the aircraft.
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