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Alibabamen : Legally speaking, I would like to know if prosecutors can investigate crimes or if this is the duty of the police department alone. Is it valid in all US States? Any exception? Is it valid in the UK as well?? Thanks

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Atrormmup : Sure.
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carpinteyrosrj : Prosecutors prosecute. Cops investigate.

Prosecutors may come back to the cops for clarification and the cops facilitate prosecutions by conducting further investigation as and if required but thats as far as it goes. And yes, even in the UK too.

Even in countries like Poland where prosecutors are in charge of the investigations, the police still do them.
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NerabetribBot : In the US, prosecutors have jurisdictions. They must work within them,
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Frotkishoto : Prosecutors don't really investigate crimes. Other than reviewing a search warrant or answering questions for the police, the prosecutor doesn't get involved in any meaningful capacity until they've charged someone for the crime.

Keeping that in mind, when they do get a case, they can do further investigating themselves such as calling up witness and interviewing them. Of course, they can speak to witnesses and look at evidence in any part of the world.

Now if you mean can they prosecute crimes in other states, that would be a no. Prosecutors have jurisdictions. Depending on the type of prosecutor they'll have a smaller or larger area they can prosecute crimes in. There are federal prosecutors that can prosecute federal crimes in any state in the U.S. There are also state prosecutors which prosecute state crimes across the state (usually called the Attorney General's Office). The most common prosecutors are county or district prosecutors which have a portion of a state they prosecute state crimes in. There are also city attorneys which prosecute violations of local ordinances inside of a single city.

Keeping that in mind, prosecutors will work with prosecutors in other areas of the country or world if the job necessitates it. For example, if a person commits crimes in multiple states, the prosecutors will often be in contact and share evidence to make the strongest cases, and negotiate where he will be prosecuted first, second, third, etc.

so the short answer to your question is that they can only prosecute crimes in their jurisdiction, but can investigate those crimes anywhere their budget and finances allow them to.
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GopEsopleTege : I booked a flight with monarch airline and i do not want to get my boarding pass online as it costs! Therefore if i go to the airport kiosk and show them my itinerary will it be enough to get my boarding pass? Just wondering! Please answer!
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mugonitok : you misunderstood
i found this
Select either a standard pre-allocated seat or an extra legroom seat from the seat map if you haven't already done so and click 'proceed'. Please note:>>> Online check-in is free to passengers that have pre-allocated a seat. <<<<You must select a seat in order to take advantage of the online check-in service.
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Drahphawletle : Yes, all you need to check in at the airport is you e-ticket or itinerary. To be more precise it's the booking reference number they are looking for.

You'll obviously be quite likely needing your passport too.
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toribhibblerg : At check in you will need your passport and the booking reference number.
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DoftTeetterie : I will be going to Tijuana next week but am worries my passport won't come on time. I will be going with my mom who was born in Mexico and my sister (we were born in the US) We would be crossing the the border by car and going to the airport in Tijuana to Mexico City. Could I go with maybe just my passport reciept or birth certificate?
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