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Gonrersebesee : Hey, I just got a citation for possession of marijuana. I was just sitting in my car in a parking lot of my neighborhood and a cop comes up to my window and asks me to roll it down. I refused consent to search but she said she already smelled the bud and asked me to step out of the car. She continued to search my car and found the marijuana. She told me to get back in my car and handed me a citation for possession of marijuana. I have gotten a citation for possession of paraphernalia when I was 17 but I got that taken care of and wiped off my record. I am currently 18 and live with my parents. Will I have to hire a lawyer and such or can I pay for an attorney to represent me? I'm not too familiar with court systems and would like to know the best possible option for me. I am about to be a freshman in college and do not need this to start off with. Also, I am willing to pay for the fine and the lawyer all by myself with the job I have right now. Is there anyway I can do this without my parents finding out if I'm willing to take care of it on my own?

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celpancelialk : u should have told her go eat her dog food
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Icesaccurce : My husband, me and my little one will travel to Europe in couple week. My baby is 9 months old and he doesnt eat table food yet, just some. I heard i can take baby food, give it at the airport, and they will zip it in a bag and give it back to me at the plane. is it true? if it is, how is all that work?
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marleroker :
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kimmurphyo : Im planning a trip from Switzerland to Italy. What mode of transport should I take? Train or plane? And pls provide details in getting the ticket and from where?
Also how to I travel from Rome to Venice or Rome to Milan? What route would you recommend? What hotel would you recommend? Basically this is my first to Switzerland and Italy. Any details information or recommendation will be appreciated. Thanks.
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toribhibbleri : You can take the train for all your journeys.
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ciggriecosy : Unless you're going somewhere like Sicily or another place in the far south of Italy, the train is a good way to go. You won't have to deal with transport between airports and cities, checking in a couple of hours before the flight, going through security or waiting for baggage. For trains starting in Switzerland, you can buy the ticket in the station where you're starting or from the Swiss rail site:

Rome to Venice or Rome to Milan are best done by train. You can find schedules and prices here: . There are fast trains during the day for which you can get discounts for early purchase if you buy the tickets before the discounted tickets sell out. Personally, I like the night trains between Rome and Venice. You can sleep while you're in transit and arrive early in the morning to maximize sightseeing time. This also means that you don't need a hotel/hostel for the night you travel.

I use this site for hotels in Italy: . In Rome, I like the Cesari Hotel which is between the Pantheon and Trevi Fountain and convenient for walking to most of the tourist attractions. . In Venice, I most often stay at the Monaco & Grand Canal which is very close to Piazza San Marco and rioght on the Grand Canal. . The Selvadego is also excellent and is run by the same management. In Milan, the Michelangelo is very nice. It's right next to the Central Station and connected to the city center by metro. There are lots of other choices on the Venere site if these don't meet your needs.
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squidoooo : If you have to travel from Swiss to Italy you should take train. You can take the train from Zurich to Milan. Once in Milan you can easily reach Venice by train in a couple of hours choosing between eurostar (quite expensive but fast, it's called "freccia bianca") or regional (cheap but slow, "regionale") trains.
If you have to travel from Milan to Rome, you can take the plane or eurostar train ("freccia argento") or high speed train ("freccia rossa" or "Italo"). There's no big difference between plane and train neither in what you pay nor time you spend. You should considered that high speed trains stop in Bologna, Florence and Naples too. So, if you want to see these cities, you should probably use train.

The train station in Milan which you have ti use is "Milano Centrale" for "Freccia rossa" or "Milano Garibaldi" for "Italo", in Venice is "Venezia Santa Lucia", while I don't know which one is better in Rome.

You can buy all but Italo tickets from this site:
You can buy Italo tickets from this site:

Before you go in Italy you should read this:
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Knoprubsop : With all the security checks and check in times of airports these days, you probably won't save any time at all, by taking a plane, might as well just take a direct train.

Sit back, relax, bring a good book, and enjoy the dining car.
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FLUENCECOVELD : So I'm going to the airport tomorrow morning. I have so much trouble falling asleep before vacation. I'm 13 year old girl. I literally cannot fall asleep. Do u have any tips?? Also right now I can't stop thinking about it can u help me?? Do u know how to fall asleep??
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