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Ubnolermef : I retained an attorney 2 months ago. I paid the agreed retainer fee by check. For 2 months, he updated me with details including the possibility of resolutions. Less than 1 month before the actual trial date (and without any of these resolutions actually happening--I'm not sure why), he has informed me that he will no longer work my case. He says he will be returning my retainer. He decided to quit after he informed me of some legal misconduct (I would rather not say here) regarding my case. When I asked him to report the conduct, he decided to quit. He says he doesn’t want anything to do with my case and he will not be reporting the misconduct because legally he does not have to do so. He says he also does not have to officially withdraw from my case, because it’s my tough luck that he never filed a notice of appearance. He says he does not have any files to give me. What can I do at this late date? Yes, I am trying to find an attorney that will actually work with me considering the misconduct issue.

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Anaerceinance : And how would I know to which airport is it taking me to when arriving?
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EliteScreens : i have a 7 hour layover in narita, a massage outside the airport. i have a 7 hour layover in narita, a massage outside the airport
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ugg675o : Yes, you can.
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RobertsCoinq : It my first time on a plane and finding a plane at the airport , if someone could help me . That would be great. Oh yeah and iI'm gonna be taking two flights to get to Buffalo New York, so do I need to take my luggage getting off the first plane to the second plane if that makes sense ? Or go get it or do I get it when I I arrive in New York?
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FriendSam : When you arrive at your first airport, you will be the one to take your luggage then check into the airport.
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Gonrersebesee : At any airport, all you have to do is follow the signs to your departure gate after check-in. If you're stuck somewhere, ask airport staff for help and they'd be glad to help you out.

If you have two flights, what usually happens is that your bags are checked all the way through to your final destination. That means that you will check your bags in at the first airport and will receive them at your last stop. Just ask the airline staff at check-in. Another way of verifying your bags are checked all the way through, is this: on the sticker/label that will be attached on your bag, check the airport codes printed on it. If it displays the two/three airports you'll be flying through, you will receive your bags at your final destination. If not, inquire as to what you should do, as the procedure could, perhaps, be different for your flights.

Good luck!
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SoobImbTemDam : I would like to go to l.a within the next few weeks and I don't have a lot a cash. I don't care if it's bus or plane or train, also I don't mind stopping anywhere
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prieneupe : Cannot tell if you are saying Los Angeles or Iowa.
Helps when you include all the information, including correct spelling and abbreviations.
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KaoiljejnnSam : I think you are talking about Los Angeles. Then it would be $179 on Greyhound Lines, which is the cheapest option. The plane is second at around $250-300 depanding on airline, and the train is most expensive, at a massive $1200. The train is only $900 i you book for next year, but that's still huge.

All fares shown are one-way and per-person. I checked these online. Even if you do mean, Iowa, the bus should still be cheapest, followed by plane, followed by train.

I'm glad you don't care about stops, because you could greatly reduce stops by departing from Richmond instead of Washington. Richmond has a huge Greyhound garage, but Washington dosen't. Remember that you must transfer bags yourself when switching buses, or else you'll lose your bags,

From Washington, book the 5:15 AM, 11:25 AM, or 7:55 PM departures. From Richmond, book the 5:30 AM or 12:05 PM. These departures are the best, because they take the best routes and use the best equipment.

The scenery is best on the 7:55 PM from Washington. so choose this one if at all possible.
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