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AssulaFug : I have heard some people say that retaining an immigration lawyer is essential to submitting all the forms and documents to qualify a foreigner to receive a K-1 fiancée visa to enter the US and be married. But other people have said that immigration lawyers are not needed and that people can submit their documentation directly to the government. So which is it? Is retaining an immigration lawyer worth the expense? Can people successfully submit documentation on their own? Thanks for helping clear this up for me.

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UnesyHekances : The process is a bureaucratic nightmare. Lawyers are like condoms. Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.
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Sinonseicedge : You only need a lawyer if you are illiterate, or a criminal.

As long as you can read and follow simple instructions, you can manage the forms yourself. And if you haven't done anything that disqualifies you from the visa, and you are on the up and up, you will not have any problems.
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uglg6n : You can do it yourself, but be very careful, read everything extremely carefully, and check over the forms 3 times before submitting.

Doing it on your own is risky, because there are so many technicalities and it is so easy to make a mistake, but people have done it.
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cymnSlini : if you case is simple and nothing unusual you don't need a lawyer ..
just need to be good with forms

but if you cant fill in form ,... there is a any convictions lurking
or something unusual get a lawyer to assist

for a fiancee visa

US Citizen can apply for a special visa to allow a non-citizen (their fiancée) to enter the country in order to get married to a US citizen inside the US.

Once issued, the K1 visa will allow the non-citizen to enter the United States legally, for 90 days in order for the marriage ceremony to take place. Once you marry, the non-citizen can remain in the US and may apply for permanent residence. While USCIS processes the application, the non-citizen can remain in the US legally
The US citizen income must meet the require minimum to fulfill the affidavit of support
currently$19400 ..or get a joint sponsor .. if you can find someone that gullible
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NitengekGen : You have three choices: Do it yourself, Hire a non-legal preparation help service, or Hire an Attorney. If the work is done properly, the time it takes to get approved is the same for all of the choices.

Hire an Attorney
If you have an exotic situation, problems with past visa issues, criminal background, visa denials, anything hinky, obtaining the help of an Attorney is a very good idea.

Hire a non-legal preparation help service:
These are "non-attorney" services, that will help you with basic advice and will prepare the forms for you. They charge very little, and help you avoid "shooting yourself in the foot", making avoidable mistakes that cause delays (sometimes denials). The instructions posted at are obscure, similar to a technical manual that was poorly translated from chinese to english. There are many nuances and required but undocumented procedures that are not obvious to anyone going through this process, for the FIRST and ONLY time. Non-attorney preparation services offer the advantage of expertise and low cost.

Do it yourself.
This is like preparing your own tax returns combined with representing yourself at an IRS tax audit. Someone who is reasonably intelligent, patient and detail oriented can prepare all the documents needed, himself. To be successful doing it yourself, is a matter of how much time and effort you have available to devote to learning, then properly following the process, and finally how detailed and careful you are.

Good luck with your decision

Fred Wahl
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elinnysypsuby : I'm a British Citizen traveling to the USA and will be entering using the Visa Waiver Program (VWP).
I'll be arriving at JFK airport in New York before taking a connecting flight to Logan Airport in Boston.

If I enter via the VWP, does this mean they will not use a rubber stamp to stamp any pages of my passport on arriving or leaving the country?
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nenjuisyner : Hi,

Ok so im getting on Delta Airlines and the 1st checked bag is $25 can I pay cash or do you have to pay with a credit card??
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Louisepolia1999 : You should be able to pay in cash. Attempt to have $25 even though.
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srfecti644 : ?, Cash is a legal tender, you can not be refused.
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