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Neenstookem : Why not just let people work out their own deals? I know some attorneys do it under the table - especially immigration dudes with their client's hot little 19-year-old nieta from Santo Domingo or whatever - by why is that technically illegal?

Think about it - what if you need top legal services, and you don't have a lot of cash? But you do have big muscles and a big 'ol dong and the attorney is a bottom, and you can pop a viagra and give him what he needs?

I'm sure a lot of lawyers would go for that, and it would allow poorer people more access to better legal services.

So... what's up? Why is it okay to pay cash to a lawyer, but not intercourse? This makes very little sense, since presumably, lots of people just push things back one level, and sell their bodies IN ORDER to obtain the cash with which to pay the lawyer. See what I mean? It's the same result, just via a different route.
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Meego2012 : For having sex with a client, severe discipline up to disbarment is normal in our era.
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CingDeage : because they cant tax it.
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chopilborgorb : I think it's because prostution is predominitely illegal in the United States.
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wegeillisee : it is illegal for ANYONE to accept sex IN LIEU OF money except in nevada.

NOW, I would think to BARTER SERVICES. to say I'll do this for you if you do that for me" that is different than saying the fee is five hundred dollars OR you spend the night with me.
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EleneLymncype : I wouldn't really care. How you wish to be paid for a service is entirely your business. Provided the form of payment is in something that is legal to trade. I think sex should be legal to sell, since it's absolutely legal to give it away for free to anyone you'd like, who also consents, naturally. So long as both parties have full knowledge of the deal before hand, it's not my problem.
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Savannah_Hawaii : im not sure that is legal barter and trade
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Uloyalyday : Maybe if they put it on camera it would be legal.
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indiananimator : is it safe to go to the buffalo ny airport alone. is it safe to go to the buffalo ny airport alone
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focasinome : Yes, i have done a lot of travel on my own and never had a problem. Though you want to make sure to always be aware of your surrounding
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