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nhedukoc : Illegal aliens who drink & drive & have prior DUI arrests supporters do not hold them for ice let them go why has it reached a point in this life that supporters put illegal aliens above all others and small things like repeated arrest for dui's,fatal accidents illegal were drinking and driving and took lives .As the House and Senate continue to debate overhauling America's immigration system, new differences are emerging between the two chambers over how to handle criminal illegal immigrants.

The controversy is emerging after two police officers were killed, allegedly by illegal immigrant drunk drivers with prior DUI arrests.

"There are thousands of Americans killed intentionally and accidentally by illegal immigrants who have already been arrested and could have been deported from the U.S.," said Kris Kobach, an attorney representing Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents who claim the Obama administration is preventing them from deporting law-breakers.

In Houston, police say 23-year-old Andres Munos was driving drunk on May 20 when he struck and killed 47-year-old Sgt. Dwayne Polk, a Harris County sheriff's deputy. Munos, who is in this country illegally, was previously arrested in 2010 for drunk driving and unlawful carrying of a weapon.

In Phoenix, Jesus Cabrera-Molina admitted he was drunk and high on cocaine the night his SUV struck and killed Phoenix Police Officer Daryl Raetz -- but he denies he was behind the wheel. Witnesses disagree, and Phoenix police have charged Molina with manslaughter.

Under a House bill now being debated, drivers like Munos and Molina would likely get deported immediately by ICE or local police, who would have the authority to enforce federal immigration statutes.

Under the Senate bill, however, illegal immigrants accused of non-violent crimes are entitled to a hearing and a taxpayer-funded lawyer. Those with three or fewer misdemeanors and some felonies would be allowed to remain if they had children or wives in the U.S.

Advocates say all illegal immigrants must have the opportunity to fairly present their cases in court. The temptation to make immigration laws "tougher" is a mistake, they say -- which is why the Senate bill provides for judicial "discretion" if deporting a criminal alien imposes a "hardship" on a family members living in the U.S.

"These are real human situations that require human decisions," said Crystal Williams of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. "Drunk driving needs to be treated as the crime that it is -- an alcohol-related, a substance abuse-related crime and not something related to immigration. The two are wholly unrelated."

Differences in the House and Senate bills will likely have to be worked out in committee should the respective immigration efforts pass each chamber.

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I ask in Mexico is drunk driving not considered a serious offense and police and those caught driving drunk just laugh and smile,make jokes and the police allow drunk drivers to carry on ?
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Jaramaree : Yes. We have similar policies in California regarding child molestation. Cultural sensitivity you see.
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rbjarmkgxvvw : I really want to go to Vidcon 2014 next year. I'm hoping to fly out of SAT in Texas on Southwest and arrive at SNA in California.

The dates are June 26 - June 28, but I just need a rough estimate so I know how much I need to start saving up! Thanks.
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marcene0c : Brittany, work on the rates now and add 5%. That will give you something at least to budget on. Two early for the 2014 schedule rates and flights.
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lignpgpn : Hello,
I am going to study in Kingston University
I live out of london (near Gatwick Airport). I am going to apply for 16-25 railcard but still it will be quite expensive....My friend told me I can buy am Oyster card

Now I checked the website...there it says that only students who live in london can buy that.
I dont live in london :(

What can I do? Can I give someone's address or do they need a proof of address
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Veilepype : You're not eligible, sorry.

You can buy a young persons railcard, but you aren't eligible for a student oyster card
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AlteddyFedy : I need to know the distance from heathrow airport to cambridge?
I have to take the underground piccadilly to king cross this takes 30 min,then from king cross to cambridge it takes about 1hand 20 min so I need to buy tha ticket from king cross to cambridge so please send me the link and clarify if I am wrong
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vemsmealsesar : If you have a lot of luggage, I have found the bus easier. You can catch the National Express coach from Heathrow airport. The transit time is about 3 hours, but it's not so bad, you stick your luggage in the hold and sit tight till you get to Cambridge, with abt 3-4 stops on the way. It is also cheaper than the train:

If you want to take the train, then yes you would take the Piccadilly Line to King's Cross. But this journey takes about 1 hr, not 30 min. You can buy the tube ticket at the airport.
At King's Cross, you would take the train to Cambridge which takes anywhere from 45 min - 1hr 20 min, depending on whether you catch the express train or not.

The bus will drop you off at Parker's Piece, which is closer to the city center. You can easily get a cab both at the coach stop and the train station in Cambridge.
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Vessnurry : I tried to get to New Zealand but I can't go to the country
these were my steps
1. I sneeze
2. I farted
3. Stabbed myself
4. I cried
5. went to airport and asked to how to get to New Zealand without moving?
6. went to yahoo answers
7. read your answers
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Rinkaliskiply : tap you red glass slippers together and say 3 times, "there's no place like home"
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