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Soansiodo : My attorney requested a continuace and it was granted, anyone know how long it'll be on average before they set a new date?

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rebecontannyM : Im going on vacation and want to bring some hookah pens with me is it fine to put them in my suitcase or will i get any trouble with airport security? Im 17 btw
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Gary_alarygosy : it is too risky
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Majuceak : these will not be allowed on the plane.
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lenazhuck : I'm thinking about owning my own airport and i know i probably have to take a lot of classes to do that. What all do i need to do and know?? (live in Texas)
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plaulvavoselt : Alot of $ other then that not much. Note that airport are not like building where most are privatized
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EricRU : Briana, the first thing you will need is plenty of money, secondly plenty of open space for approach, landing and take off. But this is reflective to the runway length, and the class of aircraft that can fly in. I believe if it's only a small airport for local enthusiasts for things like skydiving a joy flights, you may not need an air traffic control set up, anything more, and I think you need air space control, for landing and take off maneuvers, for a one runway airport.

As you can see already there is a lot involved, and I haven't even started with, knowledge of air regulations etc etc etc.
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UCMatthew : you will need a lot of money and balls. you have to get planning permission, lots of space, airtrafic control, register your airport etc.
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jametesteClef : Tons of money and a great team of experts
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bydghwjgcgne : Money....and lots of it!
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