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KallIlliccala : Okay so I'm on probation for 3yrs for burglery. And I get drugtested. This is my second time failing. My very first one and now 2yrs later. I need help. What are some good lawyers in Corpus Christi, Texas?

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SwonMentsMece : Haha, you suck at learning
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Aripooh0013 : You need a criminal lawyer, specifically one who handles probation revocations.

But there is going to be very little (if anything) a lawyer can do for you at this point. Probation revocation is not a full trial, it is an administrative hearing to determine whether their is cause to revoke you. And with 2 failed drug tests, there absolutely is cause.
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sherSarlefs : I'm 15 and I'm going to Seattle alone tomorrow. When i go through airport security, is it possible that they will choose me for the random screenings? I have been stressing out about it all week idk why lol. Or do they just do adults for those? I know if you look suspicious or if they find something they will.. but I'm talking about they random one that they do every once in a while. Thanks!
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HoisyLoro : KK, yes they can, but don't stress out, if you have nothing to hide, you won't have a problem. Hope you get one of those pretty agents, the one that gave me a pat down I think it was in Miami, she was gorgeous.
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ZRSamuel : Really interesting, they can on the name of security and i think they do. I bet probably screening, not more than that. But does it really matter, if a stranger does it and you know you are never going to meet him again? Just chill, don't tense on these things.

But is screening at your age legal, considering underage nudity laws etc? :P

Best bet, threaten them like Snowden for revealing their wrongdoing in media. kidding
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asdrjh536 : yes, they can. you will only get a pat down by a person of the same gender. they use the back of their hand and it is quick and not problem. I go through security in a wheelchair everytime and always get a pat down...but it is a joke...they check the bottom of my feet, but to NOT check my back or back of my legs...they let me stay seated. what's the point? It is a pretense like so much of what they do.
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yughkygsrlxh : It is trivial. They do it if the alarm goes off and for every fourth man and every fifth woman. ( The numbers change daily). You will hardly notice.
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NenSninelix : Anyone can get selected. Don't stress about it. Even if you are selected, it goes really quickly.
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Smaluemelmisy : I have a flight tomorow, and i have a feeling im gonna get really bored. I have an ipod and a GBA and thats pretty much it. I also have a layover in norway and what should i do in the airport? Thanks in advance
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