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Sleeryrub : Is it possible for an attorney to give out my address to someone?

Also, the person that my address was given to then proceeded to threaten me. What actions should I be taking? Thank you.
No, it is not my attorney. It's the mans attorney. He asked him to look up my address, and the attorney gave it to him. The man then used this information to threaten me.

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OthefShoratte : Is it your attorney and was it given to him in confidence?? We need more facts.
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loyalsecils : you can do nothing the discovery act allows almost anyone to get your information when you are involved in a case.

edit: oh then if its not something like a case then yes he can give anybody your address because your information is public knowledge which means anybody can look it up because it is on public records ANYBODY can see it. he honestly didnt even need the attorney to get your information he could have just went to the county public records site or called city hall your address is not private your phone number is not private and where you live is not private everything is public knowledge.
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anowslawFlave : Yes, an attorney can do that. Especially when its not even your attorney.

Your address is a matter of public record anyway.

You can contact the police to report the threats and the man's actions, but no action can be taken against the attorney, who broke no laws nor did he do anything wrong.
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enurmouse : The Freedom of Speech part of the First Amendment also applies to attorneys. RS
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Tevyemalm : have a seven hour layover at seatac airport. will rent a car. like nature. what should we see. have a seven hour layover at seatac airport. will rent a car. like nature. what should we see
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Ererryhew : Sandra, 7 hours isn't enough time to get a rental car, see something, get back to the airport, return your rental car, and get back through security with enough time to spare that you don't risk missing your connection.

I suggest you skip the rental car because you simply don't have enough time.

Here's what I suggest with rough schedule of time:

Take the Link Light rail - board at the airport and ride to the last stop which is Westlake station in Downtown Seattle. Fare is $2.75 per person (each way). about 30-60 minutes

Walk 4 blocks West from the train station to Pike Place Market about 20 minute walk.

Enjoy the market, browse the shops, and make sure you see the flying salmon - about 2-3 hours

Walk back (uphill) to the Westlake light rail station - allow 30 minutes

Take the train back to the airport - allow 60 minutes (up to 20 minutes before the next train, plus a 38 minute ride once you're on the train).

Once you're back at the airport go back through the security check point and be ready to board your flight.

I suggest you wrap up your sight seeing and head back toward the train station about 3.5 hours before your scheduled flight time.

See links below:
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BmViagras : I bought a jewelry gift to my mom, nieces and to my son, and i am worried if the customs in airport they
tax me, since they are a personal use, and i have a old cellphone that am going to give to my brother, so do i need to declare this, if so the customs they are not gonna tax me? please help me because i am going home soon to the Philippines..
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Vessnurry : R their any new rules for kids under 13 for security since 2012. Do they have to give all kids a pat down?? I'll be in detroit metro airport.
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noelleterrao : (im 14) if my father was to take me to the airport and I flew alone as a minor and got to were I needed to be(PA to Ohio) then when I was coming home after a week could I get on a plane home with a plane ticket we got before I left(for the return flight) would I be able to fly home bye my self and that means going to the airport and every thing by my self for the flight home, plz help and leave another way to go about this if my way does not work, thanks
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