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gopotrev : They have a registered company in California I have to contact. I can't think of the name of what this is called. I think I have to go through Calif attorney general. I was going to sue them last year, but they resolved the issue. Now they are back to the filthy scum bag ways and we need to take them to court to get it resolved.

More Confused; you live up to your name. try reading the question.
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Turammapeax : Looks like you only want to hear from those who agree with you.
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yang1239p : You simply go to the Clerk of Courts and pay the filing fee. ($30 for less than $1500, $50 for $1500 to $5000 and $75 for over $5000. Most cases are heard in 30-45 days.
A few things to remember about Small Claims. It is a one shot deal. If you sue and lose you cannot appeal the lost. However if the other party loses they can file an appeal.
Real Small Claims is not like Judge Judy, that is not small claims that is an arbitration.
Assuming you win, that is just the beginning of the frustrating part, getting a judgment is not the same as getting any money. Once you get a judgment then it is up to you to collect.
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Teeliaprayelo : Some friends and I are going there the 26-28th of this month and we want to know where are the must go to places. Some fun nerdy spots would be cool too. I've been researching and I was also wondering it there is a tardis anywhere in town?
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cskc8057 : *The Science Museum is one of the most popular attractions in the midwest.
*Go to the Minneapolis Zoo.
*Take in some art at the Art Institute (free admission and has a view of Minneapolis' downtown skyline that identifies the significant buildings).
*Take in a minor league baseball game - the St. Paul Saints have home games those days.
*Visit the Mill City Museum to see how the flour mills had a big impact on the growth of the Twin Cities
*See a live theater performance at the Guthrie: Pride and Prejudice and an urban satire called Clybourne Park are playing there.
*Visit the Mall of America, not so much for shopping because it's a giant mall but because they have Camp Snoopy, an indoor amusement park there.
*For some history, visit Ft. Snelling near the airport.
*Try some walleye, a Great Lakes fish at a restaurant.
*Visit Grand Avenue in St. Paul for window shopping and restaurants.
*Try a Juicy Lucy (hamburger with cheese inside the meat patty at the 5-8, The Nook, or Shamrock Grill.
*Try some great happy hour food at McCormick & Schmick by the Nicollet Mall then look for the Mary Tyler Moore statue nearby.
*Have some ice cream at Grand Olde Creamery, Izzy's, or Lyden's Soda Fountain in St. Paul or Sebastian Joe's or Pumphouse Creamery in Minneapolis.
*Get in line for breakfast seats in Al's Diner in Dinkytown.
*Have hamburgers, hash browns, and milkshakes in historic Mickey's Diner.

Instead of a tardis, why not hitch a ride onboard the Starship Enterprise and slingshot around the sun to travel in time?
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CobyStoll : The Walker Center is to Minneapolis what the Kennedy Center is to DC. Also the University of Minnesota has one of the top art museums in America.
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Icesaccurce : My husband, me and my little one will travel to Europe in couple week. My baby is 9 months old and he doesnt eat table food yet, just some. I heard i can take baby food, give it at the airport, and they will zip it in a bag and give it back to me at the plane. is it true? if it is, how is all that work?
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marleroker :
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scanrpinteyrocza : okay- actually, a plane might seem a dangerous vehicle....but really. theres 50x more change you will become afflicted in a car crash. and about heights, there may be organizations in your vicinity who can help you overcome it. just google a bit and see if you can find any in your region.
and last, due to the ancient survival insticts humans have, in such a situation you describe.... they will turn more on survival than on fear. and about 90% change they forget anything about their fear.
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mapesmootte : The first thing you should know is that planes are the safest form of travel! Your chances of dying in a plane accident are 1 in 7 million. Your chances of dying in a car accident are 1 in 5,000. Even trains are more dangerous than planes! You're more likely to be struck by lightning..... 10 times.. than to die in a plane crash.

Here's a map of all the passenger aircraft that are currently in the air at this very moment. This is real time.
See just how many there are? If one were to have an accident.. the likelihood that you'd be on it is sooooo slim.

Planes are built VERY well and VERY carefully maintained. A good portion of crashes are due to pilot error. Here's another thing to know.. most crashes happen during takeoff and landing. This is actually why they tell you to shut of your electronics and put your seat upright and your tray table away during these times. It's so that if something is to happen, everyone will be able to make a quick exit without any distractions or unnecessary obstacles. Like I said, it's usually takeoff and landing, these are the times that things are more likely to go wrong. I'm not saying worry more at these times! It's still VERY safe and controlled.. I'm just saying that you don't have to worry about your plane dropping out of the sky mid flight. When it's at a good cruising altitude and you're just moving along.. you're pretty much good. There was that Air France flight over the atlantic that crashed a few years back but that was due to a whole series of things that went wrong.

Planes can endure a lot. They can carry a lot. They can handle a lot of turbulence. I was in the worst turbulence of my life about a month ago.. and that's saying something because I'm a frequent flyer. My hands were white knuckled on the arm rests! Still.. we did perfectly fine.. and I'm here to tell you how safe planes are now.

ALSO.. very many crashes are actually survivable! Sure, there are the "no hope" instances but those rarely happen. In the recent years.. half, if not nearly all passengers survive crashes. An example would be the one that just happened on Saturday, July 6th 2013 at the SFO airport. Only two passengers died. The plane crash landed and the tail broke off.. everyone got out, some with injuries.. but most were pretty okay. This was the first fatal crash of that kind of aircraft and that kind has been in service since the 90s I think. A VERY safe aircraft as you can see.

Another crash was the one that happened with two planes on the same runway. It was probably one of the worst crashes ever. People actually survived though. A good deal died but there were survivors which is incredible.

Hell.. here's a video of someone crashing their private aircraft and everyone getting out okay!

There has always been debate what the safest seat on the plane is. It's suggested that the back is safer because the front usually takes most of the impact. Honestly.. it all depends on the type of crash, each one is different, but most of them have the front taking impact first. Also.. you're more likely to survive if seated near an emergency exit. The people who die are usually the people who can't get out in time and suffocate because of smoke. So when picking seats.. pick a row or two behind or in front of an emergency exit. Something else would be to sit in an isle seat.. if something were to happen you could get out more quickly.. this would also mean you wouldn't have to look out the windows. Now, if you REALLY want to get technical.. you could look at images of where the plane tends to break apart in the event of a crash and avoid those areas. This could mean... pick an isle seat over the wing.. this also puts you near an emergency exit and not in the front of a plain.. and not in the back either.

Just remember though.. planes are SO safe. It can be scary to think about dying in a plane crash because you feel as if you have no control.. but just try not to think about it. Planes are SUCH fascinating things. I mean.. we made them.. they're huge hunks of metal.. and they fly. I think it's amazing and I love them. I love getting a window seat and listening to my music and looking out the window at the clouds. Even though I do it often I still find it enjoyable. So think about all the benefits of it. It's MUCH shorter than driving.. and it's 1400x safer than driving.

I hope this helped ease your nerves! If you still can't find a way to calm yourself.. I would suggest having your doctor prescribe you some valium for the flight.. I know some people who have to take it because they're scared of planes.
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