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Ceanolobgenly : My motorcycle was knocked over in my apartment complex parking lot. I found a truck parked a few space over that had pieces of my smashed tail light on the bumper. I found the owner, who claimed she lent the car to her friend the night before, but didn't have her phone number or last name.

The responding police officer said that the car couldn't be implicated in the accident because there was no paint transfer. Motorcycles have so little paint that I feel like there would almost never be paint transfer. The woman who's truck it was refused to give me her insurance policy, so I couldn't file a claim.

I'm suing her in small claims court. I've already gone to the pretrial without a settlement. She hired an attorney, but I'll be on my own.

Any Advice? Thanks.

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novaexate : People in small claims court aren't supposed to bring attorneys. Just go and be honest and tell your story. Let the judge take it from there.

The judge won't buy her "it was my friend not me" story. (I don't think)
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goodevry11 : We're hoping to go to New York in August but which airport do we fly to for Manhatten, central Park etc, you know the tourist areas.
Flights I've seen are from London to JFK or Newark?
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Dave.tupastoggep : either one. newark is closer.
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srfecti644 : Most people just go to JFK. That's the main airport for New York City. Unfortunately they're aren't any flights that go directly into Manhattan. JFK has a subway line that will take you to manhatten though. If you arrive to Newark then you will have to take an Airbus or Airtrain. Both systems can be complicated for a tourist. Don't take the airbus during rush hours. Personal opinion: Go to JFK.
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TarQuarmDap : My friend, either airport will do. However, JFK has better public transit optitons to Mahattan.

You can take the JFK Airtrain from the airport to Jamaica Station, where a connection can be made to the Long Island Rail Road or the E subway line to Manhattan.

The fare on the Airtrain and the subway is $7.50 one way ($5 for the Airtrain and $2.50 for the subway).

If you are take the Airtrain and the LIRR, the one fare is around $13 ($5 for the Airtrain and $8 for the LIRR).

Good Luck
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reetemics : LaGuardia and JFK are the two airports in the Metropolitan area.

LaGuardia which is in the northern part of Queens and you can take several bus lines in which you can transfer to subway lines which can get you to Manhattan. From the airport, you can take an M60 Bus to Lexington Avenue and transfer to downtown 4, 5, and 6 to your location.

JFK located in the southern part of Queens, you can take the Air Train the Jamaica/Supthin Boulevard station and transfer to downtown E Train into Manhattan.

You can purchase a metro card from either of the two airports vending machines. You can pay with cash, credit and debit card. The price is $2.25 per trip.

Below is the link with information from the MTA with bus and subway links to assist you on your trip to Manhattan.

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EffodoGob : My aunt is living in Indonesia right now and she wants to visit me in the US.
Does she need a visa to get to the US and how long can she stay??

Also she's very unfamiliar with english so she was wondering if she could get one of the airport guides that stays with you and helps you get to your final destination and stuff. How much does that usually cost and is she eligible?

Thanks so much for your help!
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harbour3730 : would a taxi cost from la guarida airport in nyc to manhattan times square area. would a taxi cost from la guarida airport in nyc to manhattan times square area
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graiccabs : imes Square area
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