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Obnolermfs : About 2 years ago I was hit by a drunk driver , totaling my car. I went to the hospital but did not complain of any acut injuries. The next day I started having lower back pain so I went to the hospital, they said had a brocken back but it was not something they consider an emergency (due to location etc.) But I need to go to a specialist. After consulting an attorney he set me up with the Dr. I went there he said they are inable to 100% diagnose a broken back. Long story short I have had so many problems with my back and my mental health since this accident. I am a firefighter so after the accident I was placed on light duty for a month ever since I have been so paranoid of hurting my back and further injury its caused me to have anxiety issues as well as a lot of pain. My attorney had me sign a paper saying after they paid me (a very small amount) I could not sue again. So is that it ? Im screwed (my own fault) anyone know anything about this?

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Entimbzit : Sounds like your lawyer took a deal from the insurance institute you were trying to sue. That contract potentially saved the insurance people from paying out a whole lot more then what im sure your lawyer got.
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BererotSire : If you signed a release it is pretty much over.
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tieday0826 : Your lawyer did not screw you, what a bizarre comment. In the first place, a condition that you sign a waiver after accepting a settlement is standard, he had no say in the matter. Why YOU would have done that when you still had ongoing pain is beyond me. You should have held out for more money or insisted on leaving the case open until you were fully healed.

As for anxiety, nobody is responsible for that.
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Spovergorry : Just wondering if anyone had any tips on what dates would be the cheapest to fly from Australia, Perth to London, Any airport.

I don't mind what date exactly I fly out, But I'd prefer it to be before Christmas and return any time after 1st of January.
Hit me up with your knowledge, This will be my first time flying on my own. :(
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arrormaginy : I use sites like, or (this one I use from flights within Europe or departing from Europe).

All these sites have the option to check "flexible dates" +/-3 days. Look for several dates to find the cheapest ticket, but also consider the overall travel time.
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csyez028 : IF you are adjustable in your flying date,try the last minute flights (you can look it up in the google,most of these last minute fares are available 24 to 48 hrs prior to departure. I know from experience in CANADA where there is a LAST MINUTE CLUB which you have to be a member of for a nominal sum,well compensated by their dirt cheap fares.I am not sure whether any thing like that is over in your country. No harm in trying,especially good in the offseason
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csyez029 : I think this site search!

PER - LHR09:10 20 December 2013
LHR - PER11:50 04 January 2014
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elinnysypsuby : I'm a British Citizen traveling to the USA and will be entering using the Visa Waiver Program (VWP).
I'll be arriving at JFK airport in New York before taking a connecting flight to Logan Airport in Boston.

If I enter via the VWP, does this mean they will not use a rubber stamp to stamp any pages of my passport on arriving or leaving the country?
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dpt848wtp : 1) many people do a travel and tourism course extended cabin crew LIKE I am doing.
Yes, they have to clean the plane in a very short amount of time. Think it is 6 minutes.

2) they arrive in their uniforms. When they arrive at a place, they may be in a hotel for a night and get changed back into their uniforms

3) Israel and American Airlines have an Air Marshal and they will be arrested. Airlines such as the UK (where I am from) they fight back (reasonable for it to be legal) and do a citizens arrest. Yes, they may go to the nearest airport, but some planes may have an holding cell.
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