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amitiardedo : We had an electrical fire seven years ago and the hits keep coming. I learned today that the insurer's contractor filled our sump pump (which is in a little room under the stairs) full of trash, threw a bunch of construction debris (including the original door to that room) on top of it, and then sealed the area off with a wall. I would have had no way of knowing this before now, when I had to hire someone to find out where our mold and water issues were originating. I know we're past the statute of limitations in Virginia, but is there no help when costly damage was done and then covered up so the contractors would be long gone before we found out? This is one more in a long string of discoveries of things they did wrong; the last was when we found out they had not put any underlayment under the laminate floor they laid on top of concrete foundation - which we only learned because the floor flooded and had to be taken up. We are still paying for this contractor's laziness and dishonesty. :(

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zratxhvm : Your attorney general's office would be interested in knowing about this. Fill out the required forms.
You can also file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.
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gestundurgire : I do not belive the statute of limitations has run on this, you just discovered fraudulant work that was done. Chances are this contractor is no longer in business but it would be worth while to contact the DA and the BBB.
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HoisyLoro : is it true that denver int. airport has the worse case of the tsa in america. is it true that denver int. airport has the worse case of the tsa in america
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Sanyenlaple : I did not know that TSA was a contagious disease. I will make sure to avoid Denver until the epidemic is over.
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faitmellurfam : I have been through the security checks in Denver many times and found them no better or worse than any other airport. On any given day, at any time, security lines can be long and arduous at <<any>>airport. It is highly variable.
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indiananimator : is it safe to go to the buffalo ny airport alone. is it safe to go to the buffalo ny airport alone
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Noxynerromo : Yes. Why would you even think it might not be?
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itatuilmelf : Why not? Airports are the safest places on earth. They are filled with security officers and police ( in and out of uniform). Everyone is checked for weapons, the rarto of staff to customers is far higher than in other businesses...SAFETY is the major concern in airports.
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phollespase : Don't understand the question. Why wouldn't it be "safe"? It's no more unsafe than going to the mall or anywhere else. It would help if you know where you're going, where to park, etc. You can go to the BUF website for info on all that.
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