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byszoctgp : I am 19 years old and over a year ago I received a ticket and was put on court supervision. The supervision recently ended this past September. I also took an online driving course along with that supervision.

I recently got pulled over for a speeding ticket last night and am worried about what is going to happen to me/ my license.

I went to the court house and they informed me that I might be eligible for supervision. After I called the state and they informed me that after the ticket went through to the state my license could be suspended. But thats only if I just pay the fine and plead guilty.

Am I really eligible for supervision? If so, do I just go to my court date, please guilty, and request supervision to the judge?

Also, does the state not get my ticket until I pay it off or go to court? My court date isn't for another month.

Please help! I'm really worried here.

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attinkMatrerm : As an under-21 driver in Illinois, you are subject to a provision of Illinois law that specifies that if you have "two moving violations during a 24-month period, you can lose your license for 30 days."

This is not a certainty, but a possibility. There's no guarantee that you'll get court supervision again, as this is your second ticket in a relatively short time span. Your best chance to avoid license suspension will be realized by utilizing the services of an attorney to plea bargain for lesser penalties. That will cost you some money, but minimize the damage.

I sincerely hope that this experience will convince you to modify your driving habits. Driving no more than five mph over the speed limit and using cruise control means not having to worry about this kind of thing.
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FriendJoshua : i saw a coat in arrecife airport buy it now im home. i saw a coat in arrecife airport buy it now im home
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rbjarmkgxvvw : I really want to go to Vidcon 2014 next year. I'm hoping to fly out of SAT in Texas on Southwest and arrive at SNA in California.

The dates are June 26 - June 28, but I just need a rough estimate so I know how much I need to start saving up! Thanks.
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marcene0c : Brittany, work on the rates now and add 5%. That will give you something at least to budget on. Two early for the 2014 schedule rates and flights.
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ringajm150 : I'll be travelling to Russia through Germany with 28 hour layover (don't ask why), I wanted to book a hotel closer to a city center and was wondering whether I should use railway or cabs? Will I get lost?
where can I get an info about Frankfurt public transit from airport? Thanks.
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coomypeacroxy : Don't get robbed Russia is not safe
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nanadokilalo : dont get robbed
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kevinmgibsonb : Frankfurt has great transport, you do not need a cab.

There is a direct night train to Moscow which is Great.

In Russia it is nice to visit Saint Petersburg and there
Is a youth hostel there to invite you for the visa.

There is also a ship for €129 euros from Gdansk in
Poland via Stockholm to get straight to Saint Petersburg.

It is quite safe in Russia but Moscow is a big city like London.

Anyhow, probably much safer than London these days.

Have a Great Time!
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Graiccaky : You need a passport book to enter by air. you need a passport book or card or an enhanced drivers license to enter by land. Kids 15 and under may enter by land with just their birth certificate. If they fly, they must have a passport book.
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