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ajemanejdz : I was coming back from Florida to Virginia (very long drive), and I got a reckless driving ticket in prince george county Virginia. Ticket says I was going at 82 at posted speed limit of 70. If anyone has travelled on interstate-95 before, people normally go at 90mph.

Now instead of giving me a ticket, officer gave me a notice to appear in the court on a certain date. My driving record is completely clean. What can possibly happen over there. People around me a scaring me.

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baofu125 : In Virginia, anything over 80 mph is reckless driving. It's a ridiculous law, but it's on the books.

I seriously recommend hiring a lawyer over this. They can put you in jail for reckless. They won't do that, but they will give you a lengthy license suspension. The fines and fees if you plead guilty will be more than you would probably spend on a good traffic attorney.
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Effitswes : I live in London, so it has to be airlines and airports from here but I need to know good, reliable websites and travel agencies. Also when is the latest I can book a ticket before the actual departure date? (example if I want to leave next week, would it be to late to book?)
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likelucyru : Ryan air or easy jet tend to be cheapest :)
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Fbnolormep : Easy jet, aer lingus, aer arran and Ryanair are the cheapest. You can literally book hours before the flight.
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Shiegephabe : Go on

It is very helpful in finding cheapest flights possible!!

I hope this helps :)
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lnwtkmywjzdo : Yes sure why not you must be to do hurry up please come in our air ticket office
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rebecontannyM : Im going on vacation and want to bring some hookah pens with me is it fine to put them in my suitcase or will i get any trouble with airport security? Im 17 btw
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Gary_alarygosy : it is too risky
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Majuceak : these will not be allowed on the plane.
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