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arcadiorm : This is the only way she can get to work. We rely on her income to help support us. How can I get compensated for her lost wages she has suffered and also will suffer in the future if she looses her job and wont drive somewhere to get another job? Do i take this up with my car insurance claims or do i need to consult a personal injury attorney? Also do we need to see a doc like a psychiatrist to get our claim legitimized.
isn't this part of the non-economic damages of loss of future earnings do to post traumatic stress disorder and fear caused by the accident?

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Sopmduozlhi : becearfull.
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vxperhapslh : Don't panic, can one of you take paid personal days? If so, do that. If you can both manage it, do that too. It's only been two days, take a breather. Drive her around yourself, calm her slowly, and have her drive around your house, to the next stop sign, to the park... Whatever little baby steps she can take. Maybe she'll snap out of it. If you can manage a way to start driving her to work until she's confident than do so. I would speak with her boss, maybe they are aware of some programs that offer temporary disability assistance that you are not aware of.

After a few days if she's not improving, talk to your insurance, health and auto, and see what they have to say. No harm in asking. Talk to your personal injury attorney if they don't help, though, most initial consultations are free. Before you follow up with him after the initial consultation, if he sounded positive, I'd relay that information to the auto insurance people. "I've spoken with (attorney's name) and he seems confident we have a case and deserve compensation. Before we seek further legal action, is there anything you're willing to do to help?"

Good luck, I hope she heals soon.
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Gromisilsss : either she learns to deal with the Realities of Life

or she does not survive


meaningless paragraph in the story of life
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cronsonia : talk to a lawyer, she would also have to have sustained physical injuries not just an emotional issue.
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EmakyRageerak : ask expert on this site they will sure answer about your queastion
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hamyarragma : Did you wife suffer any injuries? If not, then unlikely she can claim for any damages due to PTSD.

For lost wages, she would need a report from a doctor stating that due to this accident, she is unable to work, but that is usually from injuries from an accident. A psychiatrist could "possibly" claim that she did in fact suffered from PTSD, but that is most likely unlikely in an auto accident. Did she witness someone dying, or losing a limb from the accident to cause such anxiety?

Most personal injury lawyers work on "contingency", meaning, if you win they get paid, and if you lose they get nothing, so you can make an appointment with a personal injury lawyer for advice. (BUT), if a lawyer will not do on contingency, and asks for a retainer, meaning you pay for their services, I can guarantee you will lose, since they know what they can claim or not.

But as a general rule, in any personal injury settlement, they will owe for all medical bills due to injuries she sustained and also (IF) (which if she needs a psychiatrist), lost wages documented by a doctor, plus pain/suffering.

But, I have never seen PTSD on any injury settlement of claims for over 10 years of settling auto claims.

Sorry, not what you want to hear.
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IrrineeFurf : I am flying from Tokyo to Ho Chi Minh and stopping at Taiwan Airport. My layover on the way to Ho Chi Minh is 2 hours 10 minutes, and my layover on the way back to Tokyo is about 1 hour and 20 minutes. My father is worried that 1 hour and 20 minutes may not be enough for me as I transfer between terminal 1 and terminal 2. To anybody who has had experience changing terminals in Taiwan Airport, how easy is it to transfer? Does it take a long time, and are there directions easy enough for someone who speaks absolutely no Chinese (only Japanese & English) to understand? Thank you.
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Alexander_john : Very easy. Don't worry. All the signs are in English, and there's plenty of staff around who speak English. It's a fantastic airport.
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npletcherbrl :

Go to the transit counter when you get off your first flight. You may have to take the skytrain, but Taoyuan Airport only has two terminals, so it shouldn't be a long time to transfer. There are english signs and airport staff may be able to speak basic english (at least).
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