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Quawsibia : While I was in college I took out some student loans with a private lender. There was an investigation by New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo and it turns out my school was accepting kickbacks from the lender to recommend them as a "preferred lender". I've had nothing but problems with loans since graduating. I can't even get a job now because my credit is so bad and it's a vicious cycle that I can't seem to escape from. So do you think I should file suit against the school for failure to protect its student body from predatory lending practices? Do you think I would have a case? I think I could probably make a killing and be rid of these hardships once and for all. I just want everything back to the way it was before I went to college and ruined my life. I'd even be willing to agree for them to erase every single shred of evidence that I even went to college if I didn't have to deal with this anymore. Erase my transcripts, I'll burn my degree, I won't tell employers that I went to college, wipe out all loan debt do what you have to do. I want things to be made right.

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GamiAmibe : you have no case your issue is that you cant take the fact that you cant pay your loans back almost every college graduate deals with college loans get over yourself and grow up.
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endongove : Really not much you can do. You would have taken out student loans regardless of the school's behavior. Its not like they forced you to take out loans to finance your education.
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Molemejfvn : should have done your research before you took out loans from a private lender.... you chose to take out loans anyway, and the school isnt responsible for your actions. sorry, i dont think you have a case.

ps: dont lie to future employers.... and without a degree you more than likely wont get hired.
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EnolaMalic66 : What's the fastest, easiest, cheapest way to get to Central London from London Luton Airport? My family and I are planning to go to London after visiting Paris, and I noticed that the price for a round trip flight from CDG to LTN is significantly cheaper than taking the train from Paris to London and back (please note that these tickets would be for next week). However, I have yet to take into account the transportation costs of getting to Central London from the airport. What is the best and easiest way?
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Sleeryrub : Luton is a lot further out than Heathrow, it's not on the Tube.
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Turammapeax : According to the irritating ads which now appear under every question (it seems) there is a coach service from Luton Airport to London every 20 minutes at a cost of £10 each. There is also a regular train service - approximately one every 10 minutes - but that costs slightly more at £13.50 single
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JackSilverCoolYesNo : Shuttle bus from Luton Airport to London Baker Street Underground Station. ..
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Teeliaprayelo : Some friends and I are going there the 26-28th of this month and we want to know where are the must go to places. Some fun nerdy spots would be cool too. I've been researching and I was also wondering it there is a tardis anywhere in town?
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CobyStoll : The Walker Center is to Minneapolis what the Kennedy Center is to DC. Also the University of Minnesota has one of the top art museums in America.
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