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Escossebroods : I live in Colorado, My parents live in a rental house and they had a very small accidental kitchen fire a couple of weeks ago. According to the company that owns the house the insurance will not cover the damage and we have to pay to get it fixed. They company states that they have had 3x different restoration companies come and look at the damage and it totals over $11,000. I have had 2 companies come and look at the damage and got a bill that is significantly less. $5,000. I told the owners that I will restore the house to its original condition and cover the expenses if I could use the companies that I have had come and look at the house. They refused and said that will be taking legal action against me. Are they in the right? What can I do in this kind of situation? I made it clear I am not running away from responsibility but I feel that they are using me to make some money.
According to the report from the fire department, the damage is less that $1,000
I was sent the letter of refusal to pay from the insurance.

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Tevyemalm : You either let it go their way and refuse to pay, let it go to court and fight it with your own evidence - then with the reduced price given to you for restoration, the $5k would and could be subtracted from their total - IF you win.

Or obtain an attorney as a pre-measure to the above.
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Loasiarog : They will have to take you to court. You take with you the two estimates you have (I would get a third) and at least one of the people who gave you an estimate. I think you would win.
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MiyeonnLuba : Either they are using this as an opportunity to do some renovations and bill you, or the contractors they want have a better rep and use better materials or just charge more and it's legit. You might be able to find out the details and whether they are just repairing it to the same condition it was in before or they are using you to pay for their other renovations. Were the contractors you got estimates from friends of yours? Use a lot of illegal labor? Unestablished? Can you prove your case in court? I mean, if you got multiple estimates that all give a lower amount (edit plus the written report from the fire dept) to repair the place to the condition it was in when you signed the lease, then you could defend yourself in court. However, consider that if you have to hire a lawyer, have court costs or lose, it could cost a lot more than just paying the 11k.
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xmentalistem : They get 3 estimates from licensed, insured and bonded companies speciallizing in restoration,
they then take you to court...

If you can provide 3 estimates from licensed, insured, bonded companies specializing in restoration to do the exact same job to the exact same specifications for a lower price than their 3 companies estimated for the job then the judge can decide that their estimates are inflated and rule for a lessor amount than $11,000
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islightina : Something is funky there. The insurance should cover it unless your parents set it deliberately. So someone is lying - probably the landlord. Before doing anything, your parents should demand a copy of the letter of refusal to pay from the insurance company. I'm betting the landlord either had no insurance or never filed because they dont' want the premium increase. If they can't produce the letter, then they are responsible for the damage.

Why are you responsible for your parent's rental? They don't have the right to refuse. As long as the repair work is being done properly, they have no say in the matter. Let them sue and then demand legal fees and other fees for malicious prosecution.

They are trying to rip off what they assume are ignorant tenants.
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Effitswes : What you have is called a "dispute". Have your lawyer offer them a settlement of $5,000 in proper form, assuming the lawyer says you have any liability whatsoever (i.e., the landlord failed to have his own insurance could be a serious problem for the landlord, who would have to sue the tenants). Lawsuits cost money. The offer is for the "fair market" repair of the damages, according to your source. The landlord can still sue for more, but it might cost them more than they end up receiving.

Not clear what role, if any, you play in this, since you're apparently not the tenant.
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FriendWilliam : i plan on going to russia soon
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Dave.tupastoggep : either one. newark is closer.
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srfecti644 : Most people just go to JFK. That's the main airport for New York City. Unfortunately they're aren't any flights that go directly into Manhattan. JFK has a subway line that will take you to manhatten though. If you arrive to Newark then you will have to take an Airbus or Airtrain. Both systems can be complicated for a tourist. Don't take the airbus during rush hours. Personal opinion: Go to JFK.
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