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siNataliLobanova : A friend of mine was a victim in a trial in which the acused was not found guilty. However, the judge said he beileved the witnesses but it came down to oath against oath and due to the nature of the act there was very little evidance. The judge said in his findings that he believed the victim and found the acused to be not a good witness.

My question is can she claim compensation if there was not a guilty plea? Everyone believes her and knows that the crime took place, even the judge but the lack of evidance took its toll. She has never played the victim card or even spoke about compensation, she deserves something and i want to help find out what can be done.

I am pretty sure she can take him to civil court where the burden of proof is lower than that of criminal court. If there was enough to get to trial then there should be enough to win in civil court.

All advice is appreciated

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