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Majuceak : He's basically negotiating with the insurance companies to get everything you're entitled to as a victim. DO NOT pay your medical bills, forward them all to him (keeping a copy for yourself, of course.)

Tell the hospital who your attorney is and who the insurance company is that's on the hook.

Normally a settlement (in most states) is your costs (medical, the car) and your lost wages. Pain and suffering is not automatic, that one you have to fight for, and in Florida and other no fault states it's not even allowed unless you go to court.

Ask your attorney about who ultimately pays the bills. Usually the total check comes to him, he takes his cut, pays the bills, and you get what's left. Oh, as far as time frame, realistically you won't see anything for at least a few months, that's normal. It can take 90 days for all the medical bills to finalize. Just for an example, my daughter's wreck was in April, she's not seen any settlement yet, and probably won't until March or April from the way it sounds.
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