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Plaulmivisual : Six years ago, at the age of 19, my boyfriend was in a bad car wreck. He stayed in a coma for almost two months and sustained a brain injury. During this time that he was mentally incapacitated, his father was "named" conservator or something like that. Therefore, the $30,000 that was part of my boyfriend's settlement from the accident, is in the sole supervision of his father. Today, my boyfriend is definitely mentally capable of handling his own money, rents his own place, is an awesome driver, ect. However, his father says that he'll ( my boyfriend) will never be able to be over/supervisor of his OWN $30,000 settlement. My boyfriend wants to better himself, get a newer, dependable vehicle, get us a house, ect., but how can he get his money out from under his controlling, greedy father? Can he remove his dad from having the authority over that money?
Also, my boyfriend recently got a letter from his doctor, deeming him mentally capable of handling his own finances, so he could get his mom's name off of his disability checks, finally.

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