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camarok : Just saw this site advertised as a PR6 site: so I thought I'd check it out. Anyway, the site has a bit of content but not much. It has ZERO backlinks and its not listed in any of the major web authorities. I decided to check if the PR score is genuine and three different checking tool each said the PageRank is genuine. I don't get it, it makes absolutely no sense to me, its a rubbish .info domain and the domain is only 3 MONTHS old too.

Everything tells me that this site shouldn't even be a PR1 never mind a PR6 and everything indicates its a genuine PR score.

Please, PLEASE can somebody enlighten me and explain whats going on here. Its bugging me like crazy because I can't find a reason for it. I know there are a few SEO experts that use Yahoo! Answers so please can you guys check this out and tell me what you think is going on here.
Plus, just noticed ONLY the homepage has a PageRank score all other pages have none. Thought PageRank was supposed to FLOW through a website?
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